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10 Wonderful Things about Mnemba Island in Zanzibar

10 Wonderful Things about Mnemba Island in Zanzibar

Mnemba Island is a stunning private island in Zanzibar and has a set of attractive and unique historical relics to enrich your time on land. It steeps in culture and history that will entice travelers from all walks of life with its thrilling attractions.

Mwengezi Island is about three kilometers off the northeast coast of Unguja, a triangular-shaped island in the Indian Ocean.

It has been a romantic hideaway and century-old trade center for spices, which is why it has been called “spice island.”

Take a trip to paradise in this stunning post to find 10 (10) things you should never miss.

1. Barefoot luxury – rustic chic beachside bandas

Mnemba Island is a barefoot island located in the tropical forest of the shimmering ocean and offers natural chic accommodations. These 12 rustics provide breathtaking views of the stunning beach, tucked away from typical tourist traps.

Bandas provide excellent coverage and give guests that feeling of privacy. They have a particular area of their own where they can socialize without interrupting the main party, and some even have a set of en suite bathrooms to accommodate guests’ needs when they use them.

Woodcarvings and scrolled headboards created by skilled artisans on the island beautify your home’s beds in the bandas.

These trendy beach cover-ups feature natural materials that allow you to comfortably lounge on a gorgeous white sand beach.


The accommodations face the beach and have 24 rooms ranging from 94m2 to 137m2. They all come with private bars with mosquito nets, separate W.Cs, and other amenities like overhead fans.

The rooms designed for their guests’ needs contain a hairdryer and private beach sala. There are also twin and triple beds, with children below 16 years old having separate beds. The room includes a 220V plug point as well

2. Oval spectacular coral reefs

A massive circular reef seven kilometers in diameter surrounds the island of Mnemba.

Some coral reefs on an island in the Indian Ocean became a marine conservation area in 2002.

Marine conservation areas are designated to protect fish, coral, and other aquatic life. They prevent fishing, snorkeling, or diving so that we can preserve the ecosystem for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Since the Atoll supports a variety of marine life, MIMCA began operation in 2005 to minimize the rate of net fishing in the low waters off the coral reefs.  

NB: MIMCA means Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area

3. Intrepid and action-packed water sports

Mnemba Island, with its diversity of corals and connected species, is a popular site for exciting water sports, mainly scuba diving, boat tour, and snorkeling.

A half-day tour is perfect for water sports enthusiasts to snorkel and scuba dive. The calm conditions during these months allow for safe snorkeling & diving.

Mnemba Island offers a variety of things to do all year, including occasional diving & snorkeling, even in winter. Visibility is usually 20-40 meters and can be even better on clear days.

You will get professional diving instruction for an experience of a lifetime.

Mnemba Island Diving Sites

  • Kichwani reef 

People have many questions about the kichwani reef, the clear, deep, float dive from 20 to 40 meters and offers many coral species like a honeycomb, mushroom, staghorn coral, and more.

Diving for fish depends on the diver’s experience, and one can see various species under 30 meters deep.

  • Wattabomi site

Wattabomi is a fantastic site for snorkelers and novice divers, with schools of small reef fish such as Moorish idols and Bluestreak cleaner.

Fish are buried in the sand to create an intriguing photographic opportunity: Individuals discover them when they can’t miss them.

  • Aquarium site

The aquarium holds both natural and saltwater fish, has diverse habitats, and is, therefore, a veritable ecological snapshot of life in the surrounding sea. A sandy surface that provides plenty of hiding places for little shrimps and fish greets the visitors.

Around the reef are several fish that have a presence and include some Moorish idols, surgeonfishes, and groups of fish like grouper, parrotfish, giant hawksbill turtles, and green sea turtles.

·        The West Gardens site: is a 12-meter depth site for snorkel and amateur divers.

·        The Big Wall site: is a 30 meters depth site that shows the diver’s species of bluefin trevally pelagic schools” of the rainbow runner while descending.

As you approach the cliff’s edge, you will see lobster-filled caves and overhangs that are sometimes very close to each other.

4. Tranquil yoga sessions and wellness 

Mnemba Island is an exclusive vacation paradise for yoga that captivates the very essence of Africa and awakens the senses.

Guests usually visit Mnemba Island by boat and enjoy the beach or explore the island. You can find beach yoga sessions throughout the day here. With classes designed for both experienced and newbies, you can quickly get your stress levels in check & feel refreshed!

The beach is a preferred place to explore spiritual awakening and wellness activities. Allowing yourself to relax on the warm sand while you take in the sights and sounds of nature allows your body, mind, & soul to fully rest.

5. Breakfast trays & romantic candlelit dinners

Another wonderful thing about Mnemba Island is that visitors will enjoy breakfast trays and a romantic candlelit dinner delivered to the beach banda.

Stop at the teeming coffee shop in the mornings for a coffee and some Tropical Fruit Juice. We include Tanzanian Coffee in our breakfast menu, perfect for anyone looking to relax and start their day slowly.

Private Butler can discreetly present chilled champagne and fresh sushi to guests wanting to celebrate the sunset in privacy.

They offer various luxury services, from organizing romantic candlelit dinners to providing private butlers.

6. Charming Dhow cruise

A fantastic getaway in Tanzania’s exclusive Mnemba Island. A to-die-for sailing cruise with one or more masts, settees, or lateen sails.

Dhow cruising may be a unique experience on the island. It’sIt’s beautiful to see the sails go up and down, causing them to slant in different directions.

Note: When the sun begins to sink over the horizon and crispy shadows creep into your staterooms – it’s time for a sundowner cruise. You can enjoy dinner and drinks on board with a quick visit to neighboring islands alongside – all accompanied by musical entertainment.

7. Seasonal turtle hatching and nestling 

Among the wonders of Mnemba Island is the seasonal turtle nesting and hatchings, occurring year-round, with hatchlings emerging approximately 55 days after.

You can see animals bustling on the ocean & beach during dusk hours. When looking up at the sky, you can spot stars twinkling. You will also see pelicans and hawks flying around.

8. Four distinct habitats

Marine reserves comprise an area bordered by reefs, coral, and palmate sea fans. You can find four different habitats within its boundaries.

The habitat is home to many vibrant, flourishing marine life. There are blue-striped snappers, ribbon eels, yellowfin fusiliers, etc.

9. An array of Indian Ocean wildlife

Though Mnemba is a small private island, it offers numerous activities and sights for a great time. Canoe through pristine beaches, visit gorgeous parks, and enjoy the wildlife around you in this non-touristy destination.

The gorgeous natural habitat of the Mnemba Island preserve is home to various marine life, from colorful Suni antelope to threatened green turtles. As a nature lover, this gives you something special to explore.

Indian Ocean wildlife on Mnemba Island

Some of the species on this island include birds of various colors, as well as a variety of fish.

· Endangered green sea turtles that lay eggs between February – September

· Three species of dolphin

· Humpback whales

· 600 kinds of coral reef fish

· Shorebirds feeding and roosting on the island

· Whale sharks

10. Stretches of white coral beaches

Another wonder on Mnemba Island is the coral reefs – underwater ecosystems marked by reef-building corals.

It will strike you just how beautiful the coral reefs look when they come alive at night. With sunsets such as beautiful, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see them.

Mnemba Island at a Glance

Mnemba Island is an exclusive island located 3km off the northeast coast of Zanzibar and 500 meters in length, opposite Muyuni Beach.

You’ll want to consider booking a banda for your perfect island getaway. These vacation accommodations will provide the ideal setting for a true getaway to Mnemba paradise you won’t forget! You can always choose between large and small varieties at different prices.

It is the largest in the Zanzibar archipelago and is generally triangular.

Mnemba ownership and management

Mnemba is one of the islands in the Zanzibar archipelago owned and managed by andBeyond, otherwise known as &Beyond.

The island is one of the barefoot luxury exclusives in Zanzibar that ranges from $1045 to $1395 individually per night.  

Note that the private island doesn’t allow non-guests, even a 200-meter omission zone around the island. It also has a post-safari getaway and an iconic island destination.

Things to do on Mnemba island

There is a vast-ranging adventure for tourists who want to explore this island either on a day or several days tours, and they include:

· Scuba diving

· Snorkeling

· Sea kayaking

· Deep-sea fishing

· Stand up paddleboarding

· Wellness treatment and yoga

· Bubblemaker activities for young children, among others. 

Getting to Mnemba Island:

· The cottage picks guests at Zanzibar International Airport or Stone Town

· 1½-hour road trip with the last 20 minutes being on an unpaved, bumpy road

· 10 – 15 minutes ferry ride in an open ski boat

· Since there are no jetties, departure, and landings are to and from the beach.

When the weather isn’t right, you might be out of luck with those overpriced shuttle boats. However, crossing the channel at night was reasonably safe if you had a ferry.


So much to see, so little time! That doesn’t translate to the quantity of money to spend on a stay. Explore the sights and sounds of Mnemba Island with its staggering offerings, from breathtaking views to quintessential island experiences.

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