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13 Best Reasons Why Nigerians Love to Visit Dubai for Holidays

Every African has its type of historic glory defining each holiday season. Still, Dubai is exceptional for its shiny skyscrapers, art buildings, beautiful beaches, stupendous malls, etc., making it a preferred location for Nigerians. 

Leisure holiday or business vacation in Dubai offers a mix of cultural propagation and celebration of life, from shopping to tourism, activities to the fascinating decorations.

If you plan a trip to Dubai, any holiday season is the best and for more than one reason, which includes;

1. Dinner Cruise

One of the significant highlights of Nigerians visiting Dubai for a holiday is the dinner cruise.

Most Nigerians love to dine under the romantic sunset on a Dhow cruise with their loved ones.

The dinner cruise is an unforgettable experience, and it’s one of the places Nigerians visit during their honeymoon, wedding celebration, business trip, etc.

2. Memorable shopping experience

The shopping malls in Dubai are conspicuously huge, and Nigerian visit the city to experience the luxury shopping and side attraction for the rich and poor.

There are shopping malls like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc., offering memorable shopping experiences where Nigerians shop exotic store goods, fashion accessories, and more. 

The shopping experience in Dubai is an amazing one. With over 1,200 shops, the Dubai Mall draws in up to 100 million visitors yearly. 

It’s safe to visit and stay in Dubai any time of the year, and for this reason, the city records more tourists from around the world than New York City and Los Angeles.

3. Taste of delicious cuisine

Another tangible reason why Nigerians visit Dubai is to taste the delicious Middle Eastern food like Tabouli, salad, cheese, hummus, wraps, and more while washing off the taste of top Nigeria dishes. 

Many Nigerians go to the Ramadan buffets in the evening to have a fantastic time. 

Dubai has top restaurants covering virtually all the national and international cuisines, including vegan restaurants, Lebanese, Pakistani, Indian, Italian, American, and Thai restaurants.

In Dubai, It’s possible to find anything your heart desires, from cheap street food to an expensive five-star restaurant.

4. Desert safari experience

A holiday visit to Dubai allows Nigerians to explore the deserts. The desert safari gives Nigerians the opportunity to experience the charm of dunes, ride a camel, camp and sleep under the stars. 

The desert safari provides about 5 to 6 hours of exciting dune bashing and an electrifying camp journey.  

Mainly, morning safari can vary according to the package tour.

5. The fascinating Dubai aquariums

The Dubai aquarium is one of the places Nigerians visit with kids during the holiday. 

Over 140 species of marine life dwell in the aquarium, and you can see an underwater zoo and through the aquarium tunnels.

There are countless mind-blowing activities all over the aquarium destination. 

One of the top aquariums in Dubai United Arab Emirate is The lost space aquarium, located at the apex of the Jumeirah Palm Island. 

It is the first resort to open its doors on Dubai’s revolutionary artificial island.

Thrilling Dubai aquarium activities

  • Shark walk
  • Scuba dive at the Dubai aquarium
  • Giant Whale at the Dubai aquarium
  • Kid’s entertainment at the Dubai aquarium

6. Atlantis hotel – a picturesque 

Atlantis the Palm hotel is a spectacular landmark that Nigerians adore, located at the top of the Palm. 

Nigerians visit the hotel because of its beautiful features, which include the following;

  • Fine dining restaurants
  • The aqua- venture; a world-class water park
  • Jokers wild
  • Atlantis Theatre
  • Adult night club
  • Wave house entertainment hub, and a “Leap of Faith,” etc.

7. Visiting the Burj Khalifa – The world’s tallest building

Dubai is a place Nigerians will visit without stopping at Burj Khalifa 829.8 meters building – the tallest building on earth, popularly tagged “160 stories about 160 storeys”

On the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, there is an observation deck where one can have a staggering view of the city. 

It has hosted most of the richest men and women on earth. The tallest building is unsurprisingly visible from almost everywhere in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding structure with the highest number of stories, highest occupied floor, most elevated outdoor observation deck, and the elevator with the longest travel distance globally.

8. Top places to take photos

Dubai has good infrastructure and beautiful places for the background of the most captivating photographs globally.

Top spots to take incredible photographs in Dubai are:

  • Old Dubai
  • Kite Beach
  • Dubai City Walk
  • Public Beaches
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Jumeirah Beach Walk
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Red Metro line in Dubai
  • Dubai Desert – nothing beats the deserts in Dubai

Other places include Al Ain Desert, Creekside, four points by Sheraton, and Shangri-la Hotel. 

Though Dubai offers a great picture opportunity for nice shoots, taking pictures of people without permission is illegal. 

Nigerians often visit Dubai for pictures worth posting, and the city’s dunes, Abra, roadside camel, rainstorm all offer photo opportunities. 

9. Feel of the Dubai Miracle Garden

Another unexpected attraction that draws Nigerians closer during a holiday is Dubai Miracle Garden, situated in Dubai land.

It’s fantastic to behold, full of bright pinks, yellows, purples, and they are not only on the ground but planted on large-scale sculptures and mechanical displays.

10. Gold market

The world’s most famous gold market Deira Gold Souq, located on the bank of Dubai, is the main reason people regard Dubai as the City of Gold”. 

Deira Gold Souq gold market has all types of jewelry with an option of customized ones too. 

Nigerians often visit the traditional market as a place for sightseeing. 

The Deira gold souq is the largest gold market to exist, and the market has 18karat and 22karat [10 -15 tons of gold] gold pieces, jewelry, and ornaments for sale.

11. Architectural buildings

Dubai has a magnificent 19th-century site known as Bastakia Quarter, adorned with Arabian architecture and a beautifully arranged narrow lane that brings some ancient memory back. 

The houses feature traditional beautifications, wind towers, and Majlis Gallery housing a set of Arab furniture and ceramics. 

Bastakia Quarters is a historical heritage site built in the 19th century as the home to wealthy merchants.

12. The white stone mosque

The mosque is one of the most gorgeous in the Emirate, crafted totally from white stone in the medieval Fatimid style. 

The only mosque open to non-Muslim visitors is the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the most-visited destinations for Nigerians on holiday.

In Jumeirah mosque, visitors are allowed six days a week to explore walking tours led by knowledgeable guides who make the experience memorable. 

The Jumeirah mosque is unique among others in Dubai due to its distinctive architecture, built under the patronage of Shaikh Bin Saeed Maktoum. 

The clothing regulation of the mosque is that men should cover their knees and shoulders while women should wear a modest and loose-fitting dress.

13. Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai has a falling at 120 miles per hour, and it permits beginners to jump in tandem with the company’s experienced guides. 

Nerves of first-timers are soothed by the guide, and photographers in-flight capture excellent memories. 

Skydive Dubai is one of the most fun activities to do in Dubai because of the natural chemicals produced in the brain when experiencing it. 

Sky diving is very much a game of overcoming fear, battling your sense of judgment, and creating confidence, optimism, and positive feelings.

Where do Nigerians go in Dubai?

Nigerians who have traveled to Dubai enjoy going on a cruise ride either on a classic wooden boat or a dhow on Dubai Creek.

Why is Dubai a good holiday destination?

Dubai is a good holiday destination for most Nigerians because of its glorious beaches, reliable sunshine, white sand, clear blue skies, and sparkling seas. 

The reason behind people visiting Dubai for a holiday can’t be over-emphasized; from the theme parks to desert safari, skydives, to imaginative kids clubs, all contribute to why tourists choose the city.

Why is Dubai considered a fantastic place?

It’s a fantastic place drawing many visitors and a massive population of ex-pats due to its beautiful beaches, fine dining, and business opportunities.


Dubai has become a unique and most-preferred holiday spot in the Middles East. 

From the beautiful, shiny skyscrapers, fabulous all-inclusive accommodation, state of the art buildings to the picturesque scenery, the above reasons will serve as an eye-opener to why Dubai is a perfect holiday destination for Nigerians.

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