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10 Awesome Hiking or Trekking Trails in Africa

The African continent offers several hiking or trekking trails for memorable experiences when considering an outdoor adventure to vacationers from across the globe.

Hiking trips in Africa encompass walking the vast climate zones and landscapes across the continent and discovering the beautiful landmarks. 

Though the multi-day hiking does not require an ultra-marathon runner, you have to be sufficiently fit for the grueling hours’ trek. 

Forge ahead with the reading to discover African countries where the adventure is obtainable and spots for thrilling hiking experiences in those countries.

1. South Africa Hiking Trips

South Africa has numerous hiking spots, with Drakensberg Mountain being one of the fantastic places.

Located at the border between Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal, the mountain has more than 3,475 meters, equivalent to 11,400 ft.

Best time for hiking in South Africa

South Africa, a destination for hiking, has seasons like wet spring, summer, autumn, colder winter.

The best time for hiking in South Africa is in the spring and autumn because the weather is stable, the landscape is lush, and the temperature isn’t freezing. 

Top hiking spots in South Africa

Otter Trail – Garden Route, Western Cape – the most iconic and oldest trail in the country runs between the storm’s River mouth and nature’s valley. 

Its difficulty rating is 7/10 with a duration of 45km, and hiking is best to start at Ngubu huts to Nature’s valley. 

Reservations for Otter trail: Visitors can contact for reservation through the following contact details:

Telephone: +27 (0) 12 426 5111,

Fax: +27 (0) 12 343 0905 or E-mail: [email protected]

Amatola Hiking Trail, Eastern Cape – This trail requires one to be fit to hike 10 hours a day. 

The hiking starts at Maden Dam and finishes in the town after six days and five nights. 

For bookings: adventurers can book through the Amatola trails office with an individual trek cost of ZAR 2500. 

Amphitheatre Hike, KwaZulu-Natal – Drakensberg Amphitheatre hike is a fantastic hike at a high level with astounding views of Tugela Falls.  

The trip is 12 km with a difficulty level described as medium. The months of March through May are the best time to hike here.  

Other places for superb hiking in South Africa 

Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail, Mpumalanga

Summit Route, Kgaswane Mountain Reserve, North West

Hennops Trail, Gauteng. 

What is needed to pack for the South Africa hiking?

When packing for Drakensberg mountain hiking, crucial things like water bottle, jacket, gloves, hat, sunscreen, sunglass, lip balm, first aid kit, and GPS for navigation.

2. Hiking Trips in Nigeria 

Nigeria has a range of locations for hiking on hillsides in the fall, cool shelter of forest trees, or a tall ridge on top of a waterfall. 

Best hiking or trekking trails in Nigeria

Shere Hills – Shere hills, at 10 km east of Jos, capital of Plateau State, is among the best hiking trails in Nigeria, West Africa. 

The best time to hike the 12 kilometer hill, with an elevation of 2,419m, is in the dry season.

Chappal Waddi – hiking in Chappal Waddi is for the strong as its range falls across the Nigerian side of Gashaka Gumpti Park and the Cameroon side. 

The estimated time to hike through the chappal Waddi is ten hours, with a length of 27km and the best period is in the dry season. 

Canopy Walk or canopy walkways, Lekki Conservation Center – is the longest canopy walk to a forest in Lekki, Nigeria, featuring six towers. 

It extends kilometers 19 on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, covering 78 hectares, and the conservation center opens daily, beginning 8:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. 

Idanre Hills. Hiking Trail – Idanre hill is a hill in Ondo state Nigeria with 682 steps from the ground. 

The Idanre hill, located in Idanre city, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, has beautiful landscapes and suitable terrain for hikers.

Olumo Rock Hiking Trail – the Olumo Rock is a mountain located in Abeokuta Ogun State, Nigeria. 

The Olumo Rock is 450 feet from the ground, and its artificial stairs and crevices make hiking much more effortless.  

Unique locations for hiking the hills in Nigeria

Udi Hills Enugu

Obangogo Hills Kogi

Rolling Hills

Mbula Hills Bauchi

Dalla hill Kano, and Katampe Hills Abuja, etc.  

Places for waterfalls and other kinds of hiking 

Awhum waterfalls

Kwa waterfalls Cross River

The Dutsen Mamaki Jigawa

Kilang Gombe

Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin Ijesha

Owu Waterfalls, Owa Kajola, Ifelodun LGA, Kwara State 

Aesop waterfalls Jos, and Oferekpe waterfalls Ebonyi, etc.

Best time to hike in Nigeria

The most suitable time to hike in Nigeria is the dry season, as the weather is not too hot or cold. Also, the hiking spots will be less slippery. 

What to bring when going for a hike in Nigeria

You should be in a good mood while going hiking in Nigeria. Then, bring along the following items closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing, insect repellent, a camera, water bottle, snack pack, and sunscreen. 

3. Ghana Hiking Trip

During the warm season, the dense tropical forests with towering trees make Ghana a home for proper hiking. 

Ghana has several hiking spots with beautiful grasslands and fantastic forest trails.

Most epic places to hike in Ghana  

Mountain Afadza – Mountain Afadza in the Volta Region of Ghana is among the tallest mountain in the country at 2,904 ft above sea level.

The mountain is one of Ghana’s most visited hike spots, with unusual waterfalls and several caves.  

Hiking this mountain takes around 4 to 6 hours through the layers of the hill. 

Shai Hills Resource reserve – the Shai hill resource reserve, established in 1962, makes a good destination for forest hiking and waterfall tour.

Located at Tema Akosombo, 57 kilometers away from Accra, it houses more than 400 species of wildlife as the closest natural reserve to the capital.

Mole National Park – A hiking spot in the northern region of Ghana for informative walks, great budget-friendly backpacking trips, bird watching, and camping.

Visitors can explore the surrounding archaeological sites and natural wonders at this spot.

Mountain Gemi – It’s best to hike the hilltops of mountain Gemi, Amedzofe, Ghana, in October.

Ashanti Gild Trails – Explore a day hiking at the ancient impact crater while making your way through natural body water through open grassland to forest trails.

Kakum National Park – At Kakum national park, Central Region of Ghanan, coastal environs, one can hike the nature among wildlife, forest and falls close to Accra.

Things to pack for hiking in Ghana 

The items to pack when going for Ghana hiking are simple, and it has to do with the following stuff: bicycle, boots, inflator, helmet, water can, sunscreen, and money.

When to go hiking in Ghana

Hiking in Ghana is much more pleasant from the rainy season onwards, and from June till the end of September, there is more frequent temperate weather.                                                  

4. Hiking Trips in Kenya 

Kenya has fantastic forests and highlands that make hiking more engaging for hiking adventures.

The country houses a great mountain, Mount Kenya, the 2nd highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro, number one on the travelers’ bucket list for hiking and nature adventures. 

With the mountains, rock spires, glaciers, high tarn, and flora, it has been an attractive hike spot for nature lovers.

Top Kenya hiking tours 

Kenya has a lot to offer in just a one-day hiking trip with private tours at the following spots;

  • Mount Kenya
  • Hell Gate
  • Ngong Hills
  • Karura Forest
  • Nairobi Arboretum
  • Nairobi Safari walk
  • Chyulu hills
  • Mt. Elgon
  • Loroghi Hills
  • Kakamega forest
  • Mount Longonot, and Mengengai trek. 

Reasons why hikers trek in Kenya 

  • The unbelievable unlike landscapes – the country has different landscapes ranging from savanna plains to summits of rocky peaks and rough mountains.   
  • Africa’s second-highest peak – Kenya has the most famous mountain in Africa, and it’s a sort of plus to hikers.  
  • Hikes for all abilities – the country has different routes for all abilities, from leisure strolls around the lakes and forests to climbs of Sheer Mountain.
  • Wildlife – Kenya is famous for wildlife; therefore, each hike grants the opportunity to see a series of animal life. 
  • Viewpoint – Kenya is admirably beautiful. Thus, hiking offers a beautiful view of the country. 

When best to climb a mountain in Kenya

Although you can hike all year round, the best months to hike Mountain Kenya are traditionally January to March and June to October.

The kits needed for hiking in Kenya

For a hiker to successfully climb hiking spots in Kenya, they are kits that contribute to it, and it is as follows bag, boots, waterproof jacket, gaiters, sweatshirts, T-shirt, leggings, and trekking trousers. 

Accessory kits are a set of underwear, hat gloves, socks, sandals, thick foam mat, walking poles, sunglasses, and water bottles. 

5. Hiking Trips in Tanzania 

Tanzania is an African country with the most admired trekking destination and home Africa’s highest mountain with a peak of 19,336 feet.

The country has a mountain that serves as a hiking peak that needs no ropes, skills, ice ax, or harnesses, located in the northeast of Tanzania. 

Best hiking trails in Tanzania

Climbing some spots gives a glistening landscape view, especially during the dry season. Here’s a bucket list of the best hiking trails in Tanzania:

  • Mount Meru
  • Olmoti Crater in Ngorongoro conservation Park
  • Empakai Crater, Ngorongoro conservation Park
  • Udzungwa mountains
  • Pugu Hills 

Best time to hike in Tanzania  

The weather and temperature in the mountains are fickle, and although you can climb it anytime, specific times or months are better than others.

Therefore, the best period to hike on mountains in Tanzania is the months of January, March, and June through October.

These months are best because they radiate a clear sky, great view, bright sunshine, and it’s a dry season making it more encouraging. 

Packing list for Tanzania hiking 

Since Kilimanjaro hiking engrosses climate zones like a warm, humid forest, lower slopes, and cold summit zone with glaciers, it’s good to bring necessary gear.  

Some of the essential kits on your pack list include

  • Four pairs of underwear
  • Three short sleeves
  • Daypack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Trekking poles
  • Water bottles
  • Neck gaiter and a sun hat or warm beanie style hat 

Other essential equipments are headlamps, sunglasses, warm gloves, trekking boots, four pairs of socks, thermal base layer, insulated jacket, leggings, and hardshell trousers.

Additionally, go along with a plug adapter, camera, toothpaste and brush, sun and lip screen, earplugs, personal snacks like nuts, wet wipes, and gaiters. 

Things to know before hiking on a mountain in Tanzania 

Listed below is the guide every hiker should know before they engage any trails;

  • It’s not a technical climb.
  • The mountain provides seven climbing routes.
  • The best time to hike the peak is during the dry season.
  • It comprises both extinct and dormant cones. 
  • Altitude sickness is common. 
  • Hiking the mountain takes days. 
  • Dress prepared for varieties of weather conditions. 
  • The mountain hike provides some incredible sightseeing.  

6. Egypt Hiking Trips

Egypt is another African country with exhilarating hiking trails and an unbeatable view. 

One of the preferable mountains for hikers is Egypt, and the mountain with 7,497 ft has many places hikers can stop for views and rest along.

Best hiking trails in Egypt 

Egypt’s most excellent hiking places are 

  • Wadi Delga Protectorate in Cairo
  • Colored Canyon in Nuweiba
  • Blue Lagoon of Dahab
  • Valley of the Whales in El-Fayoum, and
  • Mount Sinai. 

Tips for hiking in Egypt 

Before any hiker treks in Egypt, carrying essential items and following instructions is paramount. Such items are;

– Visit Catherine’s monastery.

– Ensure to hire a local guide.

– Come along with water and snacks.

– Try and bring plenty of sunscreens. 

– Wear good shoes and a sweatshirt. 

– Make sure you have a jacket and water bottle.

What to expect when hiking in Egypt

They are numerous things to expect when hiking in Egypt, but the foremost is to secure and reserve a space a day before the hiking.

There is a pick-up from your hotel at 11:30 pm, arrival at Mount Sinai by 1:30 am, hiking good starts at 1:40 am, and the summit is reached by 4:40 am.

By 5:15 am, there will be sunrise on Mount Sinai, a descent of the mountain starts by 6:00 am, while Saint Catherine monastery is reached by 7:30 am.

The monastery opens by 9:00 am, returns to individual transport by 10:00 am, and eventually arrives in Dahab at noon. 

7. Hiking Trips in Senegal

Senegal is an added country in Africa with steppes and valleys suitable for hiking purposes.  

Also, the attractive beaches on the western seashore and lush rainforests are among the things hikers want to experience.  

Top hiking spots in Senegal 

The most famous and well-known hiking trail in Senegal is the Miomp to Point Saint Georges, Ascensional Poblado de Iwol, Enanpor, Palmarin, Dindefelo a Dande Afia.

Some other places include;

  • Bakel
  • Tambacounda
  • Kedougou
  • Abene
  • Kaolack
  • Touba, Dakar, and 
  • Karabane or Carabane Island village, among others

When best to hike in Senegal 

The appropriate time to trek in Senegal is between November and May, which is a dry season. 

Essential tips when packing for a hike in Senegal

As the weather in Senegal is interchangeable, it’s vital to find a balance between valuable items for every eventuality and keeping your backpack light.

Essential guidelines for packing are good shoes, socks, flip-flops, sports trousers and shorts, a T-shirt, sports bra, jumper, raincoat or jacket, and cap.  

Other must-pack accessories include a refillable bottle, head torch, sunglasses, camera, walking stick, towel, and sun cream.

8. Hiking Trips in Zambia 

Zambia, especially northern parts, has an awe-inspiring setting, national pack, and waterfalls which makes a perfect spot for hiking.  

Hiking in Zambia is an exceptional opportunity of viewing loads of wildlife species in the dry season. 

Zambia is a courageous hiking destination in Africa where hikers can trek for days to reach the desired goal. 

Best Zambia hiking trials

The immeasurable northern parts of the country have stunning hiking trails and below are the trails in Zambia: 

  • South Luangwa National Park 
  • Kalambo Falls
  • Multinondo wilderness 
  • Nyika plateau
  • Nsumbu National Park

What to pack for a hike in Zambia

Apart from the apparent hiking shoes, clothes, and toiletries, the main items to carry are a sleeping bag, water bottle, snacks, sandals, sunscreen, hat, towels, and rain jacket. 

Other optional items include a hiking stick, camera, power bank, inflatable pillow, and bathing suit for swimming. 

The best period to hike in Zambia

The proper and optimum time to trek in Zambia is when the temperature is modest, the weather dry, and it’s mainly from June to November. 

9. Hiking Trips in Botswana 

Botswana has some good day hike spots in the southeast part of the country, usually a day trip.  

Botswana is a lightly populated country, making the hike to the top of hills memorable.  

Hiking in this country gives hikers a spectacular view and an excellent feeling from ecological zones like savannah, farmland, and tropical rainforest. 

Hiking trails in Botswana

The primary hiking trails in Botswana are as follow:

 Kgale hill

Moremi Gorge

Letsibogo Dam, and 

Kukunje Island, among others

The best time to hike in Botswana 

May to September, before 10 am, is the best time to hike in Botswana hiking trials.

This advice is because after 10 am, the temperature may rise above 30 Celsius. 

Reality check of hiking in Botswana 

It’s necessary to note that hiking in Botswana is not a stroll, that it requires fitness and allows one to walk for hours per day. 

10. Hiking Trips in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is unmatched in its beautiful landscapes, ready to be explored, particularly by hikers. 

The country has mountains that are well-known hiking destinations and offer the hikers dazzling viewpoints and classic hiking trails.

Ethiopia’s hiking trails

The famous hiking trails in Ethiopia are 

  • Semien Mountain
  • Lalibela
  • Simien mountain national park, and 
  • The Bale Mountains 

When to visit Ethiopia for hiking

The best time to visit Ethiopia for hiking is between October and March, with the skies clear and the weather warm. 

How to choose a suitable hiking spot in Ethiopia 

When deciding where to hike in Ethiopia, you should always consider the altitude, comfort, time of the year, and fitness. 

Other incredible hiking destinations in Africa include:

Sentinel Peak Hike, South Africa
Robberg Peninsula, South Africa
Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
Simien National Park, Ethiopia
Livingstonia, Malawi
Mount Mulanje, Malawi
Mount Elgon, Uganda
Ameln Valley, Morocco
Mount Toubkal & the Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Though obtainable in many African countries, hiking adventure is best-enjoyed in the above-listed destinations with other sightseeing scenery.

Hikers and tourist visitors from far and wide can explore hiking at its best in these African countries. The good news is that the hiking trails do not demand academic intelligence or different skills. 

Without a doubt, the locations listed above are worth experiencing, primarily by hikers.

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