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8 Effective Combinations to Look Gorgeous in Summer While Wearing a Slip Dress

When the warm weather arrives, it is time to undergo the dreaded wardrobe change and replace all clothing that is no longer appropriate for the season. 

And it is true that you have looked at your clothes from the previous year on countless occasions and felt that they were already worn out or did not represent you anymore. 

Many women are to blame at that point since it is reasonable to think about what will be the most versatile appearance to wear throughout the holidays.

Consider the formal surroundings, or with whom you will be more likely to go out for a drink and other places you go with some friends.

There are dozens of outfits that go viral each season and take up valuable room in your closet for the next season. 

A lingerie dress or slip dress is a garment that has been with us since the 1990s and, if worn correctly, can be fantastic for summer.

Study the points in this article to uncover how to dress in a slip or lingerie dress so that you will never be caught short of something to wear.

1. Wear a jacket over a slip dress

The slip dress has been a fashion staple for many artists of the 1990s, like Kate Moss, for years, but, in this new generation, this garment has become far more versatile than a satin cocktail dress. 

Give your slip dress and shoes a casual urban feel by adding a denim jacket tied at the waist for a distinctive look.

2. Slip dress paired with a hooded sweater

A sweatshirt can be the most comfortable and stylish addition to your outfit on chilly days. 

Combining this sporty and casual garment with a magnificent satin dress, on the other hand, may lead you to believe that the most fabulous footwear is some good sports shoes that match the top’s colors. 

However, if you try to break up the sporty vibe of the sweatshirt with a pair of elegant sandals, you will be able to add a touch of uniqueness to your ensemble.

3. Oxford sneakers with a slip dress

Oxford shoes are a stylish, trendy fashion that will stay throughout 2021 and the emerging years. 

Numerous models and influencers have worn them with various slacks and skirts to evoke the popular punk style throughout the 1980s. 

Following this theme, one of the more innovative outfits may be to pair a low-cut Oxford with a long slip dress in a neutral color. 

Additionally, the pink lingerie dress paired with the classic Oxfords is fashionable for summer.

4. Slip dress with shirt combo

It is the solution if you want to show off the 90s style of your slip dress in its entirety but are unsure what you should pair it with to keep your shoulders covered if it gets cold outside. 

The plain white shirt is the answer in this scenario. 

As a continuation of the style and character of satin, the shirt will complement the overall look, and by tying it at the waist, you will be able to draw attention to your curves.

5. Slip dress paired with sneakers

With a pair of decent white sneakers, you may move away from the increasingly common appearance in recent years. 

Because you may wear this flattering cut of dress without looking like you are heading to a formal occasion, it can be an excellent idea to pair it with lingerie dresses. 

What are your thoughts on this ensemble? Give this dressing pattern a shot if you think you have what it takes.

6. Slip dress in a single color

Another most effective strategy to make this dress look gorgeous and less eccentric is to pair it with a second garment in the same color as the first. 

The use of an undershirt with long or short sleeves, a knitted cardigan, or a handkerchief will allow you to obtain a subtle style that will not go undetected in the eyes of the most fashionable.

7. Slip dress and blazer combination

One of the flattering looks to wear to work or a formal occasion is pairing your favorite lingerie dress with a decent blazer in a contrasting hue.

It will provide authority to your outfit, giving it a professional tone while staying on-trend. 

We want to point out that you can wear it with cowboy boots or heels and a matching bag, which helps to make the idea more cohesive.

8. Slip dress and cardigan

A cardigan or sweater is an excellent option if you want to wear your lingerie dress during the changing of the seasons but do not want to succumb to the classic sweatshirt look. 

The cardigan will add a subtle finishing touch to your ensemble, and the dress, in the same vein, will keep you warm when the temperatures begin to drop. 

Depending on the type of event you have scheduled for that particular day, you can wear it with a regular or sports shoe.


As you can see, the slip dress offers a plethora of options beyond the traditional long slip dress for a wedding reception. 

The 1990 fashion is slowly but steadily making a comeback, and it appears that it will be around for a while. 

Don’t be scared to experiment with your looks to make them more original. 

In addition, the green lingerie dress is also very trendy in the summer season and is one of the most popular outfits among young women.

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