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12 Most Beautiful Historic Villages in Africa

Africa has lots of memorial historic villages and beautiful places around the world. 

It boasts numerous historic and beautiful villages, and most of these villages have notable ancient places and landmarks. 

The list below is selected cities or towns in Africa with beautiful and historic villages, and they are as follows:

1. Abiriba, Nigeria

Abiriba is an Igbo-speaking region and an ancient Enuda kingdom, Ohafia L.G.A of Abia state, southeastern Nigeria, West Africa. 

It is the most beautiful village in Africa, nicknamed “small London.” 

Abiriba is a historic village in Nigeria with unique sites serving as the center of recreation and attraction.

The village inhabitants are descendants of the Igbo and Efik people of Calabar who migrated from the upper cross-river years ago.

What makes Abiriba a beautiful, historical village in Africa 

The village is the home to master class infrastructure in Nigeria and a hub for trading and craft. 

Among the historical wonders in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria, West Africa is the  Igwe Kalu Ogba House, constructed in 1923, going to 100 years now.

Other historian sites and Victorian houses in this beautiful historical African village include;

  • Chief Odim Ejibe House, which is currently 120 years old.
  • Kalu C Akirika house constructed in 1928
  • Ogbuoka house, which is almost 100 years old
  • Aruike Mkpa house is over 100 years old but still looking nice under the care of the great-grandchildren 
  • Nkeobi Akanu House built in 1931
  • J N Ndukwe house constructed in 1932

The Jamestown is a 92ft structure built in the 1903s that consists of a stone tower with lantern and gallery. 

2. Rhodes, South Africa

Rhodes is a small historic village, perched in the Eastern Cape Highlands, Drakensberg, South Africa, formed in 408 BC. 

It’s a fairytale village perched in amongst the mountains where time stands still. 

Rhodes, situated at the Eastern Cape Highlands, is 1832m above sea level, surrounded by the towns of Maclear, Ugie, Elliot; mountains, fresh air, call of swallows, and red chested cuckoos.

Being located in the southernmost section of the Drakensberg range, Rhodes is central to several passes.

Why Rhodes, SA is a beautiful historical village in Africa

Though a remote village, Rhodes Village in South Africa (SA) exudes a timeless charm and beauty.

It is a 100-year history, firmly stamped with quaint, providing hours of interesting exploring and charming examples of Victorian architecture.

In 1997, this village became a conservation area in Africa, featuring styles of homes ranging from grand traders’ residences to flat-roofed ‘Kerk-huise,’ such as a Herbert Baker-designed stone schoolhouse, and the tree-lined streets for curb appeal. 

Again, Rhodes is home to three significant sporting events: Rhodes Trail Run, the Rhodes Mountain Bike Challenge, and the annual Wild Trout Festival

It’s a much-loved mountain destination with various holiday getaways and attractions like Ski Resort. 

3. Jamestown, Ghana

Jamestown is one of the most beautiful historic villages in Ghana, and the original structure is the handiwork of the British as early as 1871. 

Over time, the area has witnessed a heavy population growth and has remained the most incredible fishing harbor. 

It is located directly east of the Korle Lagoon Jamestown, with Ussher town emerging as a community.

The reason behind the beauty of Jamestown Lighthouse

The most remarkable structure of Jamestown is the lighthouse, and it has an imposing height of 28 meters. 

It’s the most popular tourist destination and an important historic site in Ghana. 

4. Gedi, Kenya

Founded in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries, Gedi lies on the Indian Ocean of Kenya coastal region, 94km north of Mombasa, built entirely from rocks and stones.  

The village is in Kilifi County, with the ruins resembling a typical Swahili. 

Between 1927 and 1929, Gedi village, in an official gazette, became a National Historic Monument under the management of the National Museums of Kenya.

Swahili people of East Africa are the primary inhabitants of Gedi village.

The historical beauty of Gedi 

The primary significance of Gedi village is National Monument, gazetted between 1927 and 1929, and it’s the most breathtaking site across the coast. 

A distinctive Swahili Coast architecture, “pillar tombs” at Gedi, is another historical adornment in that village, with all standing historical buildings like mosques, palaces, and houses built from stone.

Another beauty of Gedi village is the different walls where the rich, peasants, and middle-class reside.

Others include the dated tombs serving as an eye to the great mosque, shallow coral rag soil.  

5. Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town was the UNESCO World Heritage in 2000, founded in 1883 and restored after the Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1896

It is considered the most significant historical in Tanzania, with its interior dedicated as a Swahili culture museum since 2000.

The stone town emerged from the ornate houses by Arab traders and slaves built with local stone. 

The historical beauty of Stone Town

It is a city of outstanding historical and artistic value in East Africa, with its architecture as far back as the 19th century reflecting the different influences underlying the Swahili culture. 

Stone Town has Zanzibar stone, Town heritage, forodhani as the center of recreation.

The beauty of Stone Town and street food culture attracts tourists and solo travelers. 

As home to pleasant beaches, gentle weather, and the perfect underwater destination for diving all make the location special.

6.  Tell el-Samara, Egypt

Tell el-Samara is the most ancient village in the Nile Delta, ancient Egypt that predates the time of Pharoah.

It comprises beautiful historical sites such as the Neolithic site, located about 87 miles north of Cairo, unearthed by the archaeologists.

Historical beautiful features of Tell el-Samara, Egypt

In this ancient Egyptian village, the Neolithic site discovered by the archeologists comprises animal bones and food silos that indicate humans’ inhabitation as early as 5000 BCE. 

Predynastic site in Daqahliya governorate of Egypt is another beautiful historical picturesque. The site sits 25km southeast of Mansura.

According to Egypt’s antiquities ministry, the village still has other cultural and historical pre-history remains.

7. Goree, Dakar Senegal

Goree lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar, leading slave-trading center in Africa from the 15th to the 19th century.

Goree is the smallest and least populated of the 19 communities in Senegal, with 1680 inhabitants, known as the base of the house of slaves built around 1780- 1784 by an Afro-French Métis Family. 

The slave houses in Goree became the major historical tourist attraction, showing the horrors of the slave trade throughout the Atlantic world. 

The historical beauty of Goree 

The Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French territory used Goree for slave trade centers back in ancient times.

The colorful slave trade houses are contributors of beauty in Goree Senegal.

Other beautifications of Goree Island include the art and craft, lined up walls, flowers, crowning windows, etc. 

Goree Island was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage, in 1848 and by 1978 after abolishing the slave trade to identify its history, which relates to the Atlantic black slave trade”.

8. Kawaza, Zambia

Kawaza is a village to habitants of the Kunda tribe with its location adjacent to the prominent wildlife destination, South Luangwa National Park Zambia. 

Kawaza offers tourists and travelers a chance to glance at the genuine Zambian rural scenery and get in contact with local people and village life. 

The beauty of Kawaza, Zambia

Kawaza is speedily becoming an adventurous destination in south-central Africa with lots of authentic mud hut accommodation, beyond scenery of extraordinary indigenous trees, and more. 

It’s a tourism center on the snaking rivers, deep red earth, open plains, mopane woods, fields of sunflowers, and a walk to the lagoon.

The village’s beautiful features and exciting activities are:

  • Net fishing destinations
  • Cooking of the local fare.
  • Collecting wild honey in forests.
  • Apiculture practice. 

9. Serowe, Botswana

Serowe is the best-known village in the central district of Botswana, with the rich culture and birthplace of numerous Botswana presidents.

Serowe is a small beautiful city tourist destination in Botswana that is worth visiting with unique amazing places one can explore.

What is the beauty of Serowe village?

The beautiful attraction in Serowe village is the main reason it’s categorized as a lovely village. 

Such attractions include:

  • The Khama III memorial museum.
  • Mokgosi guest house.
  • Masama lodge.
  • Khama Rhino rest camp.
  • Cresta Botsalo hotel.
  • The Boma camp.  

Other historical sites and attractions surrounding the village are Kennedy gardens, Lipscombe monument, rhino sanctuary, Grupo, and makgadikgadi pans national park. 

10. Nyanza, Rwanda

Nyanza is a village that serves as the capital of the kingdom of Rwanda, and it belongs to the Nyanza district in the southern province of Rwanda.

Nyanza was formerly known as Nyabisindu, and it is situated 30 km north of Butare, a historical city and 90 km southwest of Kigali, the national capital.

The village’s geographical location between Butare and Kigali makes it easier for people to ply in the duo city with minibusses and moto-taxis.  

The beautiful history in Nyanza

The beauty of Nyanza has made the destination one of the tourist locations in Africa. 

Its dramatic landscape, local or traditional shopping, and Rwesero art museum are part of the rich and beautiful Nyanza village. 

In addition to mountain hiking, the king’s palace museum, Mwima Mausoleum, and national art gallery add to the village beauty.

11. Shonke, Ethiopia

Shonke village is an aged mountain with a 900 years unabated resolution with alluring dwellings and alleyways.  

It came into existence in the 19th century by Shaykh Jawhar, and it served as a hub for Islamic educations residence within the period of 1837 to 1937. 

Shonke is located in the Amhara National Regional State, 23 kilometers away from Kemise town, and the village has sheltered 20 generations.

Why is Shonke village Ethiopia beautiful

With one entrance and exit route in Shonke village, it has tourism potential like wonderful terracing farmlands, remarkable architectural design of houses.

It has an extraordinary geographical landscape, prominent religious practices, and unique traditional and cultural lifestyles.

The beauty of the village comes from the gorgeous Terefo and Yetachgnaw mosques, Borkena River, the chain mountain of Shewa, and the lowland area of Chafa.  

12. Luhihi, Congo

Luigi is a village in Congo situated east of Kinshasa close to the Mirunga and has an elevation of 1,504 meters. 

The village is made home to gold after discovering a mountain with different gold deposits.

Why is Luhihi Congo Beautiful?

Luigi has many centers of attraction that include the mountain of gold, Vulkan Nyiragongo, Chimpanzee lodge, and villa Isango, etc.

Other attraction that adds to the beauty of the village is the gold soil and Nyungwe forest national park.

Where is the most beautiful village in Africa?

Abiriba, a prehistoric kingdom of Enuda in Abia state, Nigeria, is the most beautiful village in Africa.

What is the prettiest place in Africa?

Table Mountain, South Africa, is the prettiest place in Africa.

Which African country has the most beautiful city?

South Africa has the most beautiful city in Africa, which is Johannesburg. People also call it the finest city on the African continent.


Africa is home to 55 countries, an ancient and complex history, modern cities, many languages, and over a billion people. 

Africa has many beautiful historical villages that are amazing with unique characteristics. 

Visiting any of the listed villages in Africa will give you momentum to take home because they are naturally endowed.

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