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10 Most Deadly or Ferocious Animals in Africa

Wildlife in Africa can be breathtaking. Nevertheless, the continent is also home to the deadliest animals. Some of these ferocious animals may look charming but can kill within seconds.

Thankfully, the majority of these animals live in nature reserves, and you can only see them with the help of a guide.

Here is a list of the ten (10) most deadly or ferocious animals in Africa with a guide on avoiding harm from them. 

The list arrangement below started from the animal that has caused the most estimated human deaths in Africa down to the least.

1. Mosquito

A Mosquito is the most deadly creature in Africa. Even though a mosquito is an insect, it is under the animal kingdom.

What makes the mosquito the most deadly creature in Africa?

A mosquito may look very tiny, but its bite can be very deadly, causing about a million (1,000,000) human deaths annually in Africa.

Sub-Sahara Africa has about 3,500 species of mosquitoes that cause lethal diseases. Some of these mosquitoes live for just two weeks before they die.

Female mosquitoes called anopheles transmit diseases ranging from west Nile virus, dengue fever, zika virus, malaria, and yellow fever. The anopheles alone cause the most deadly in Africa.

How to steer clear of mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are more active at night than during the day. If you are in Africa safari, you can avoid a bite from mosquitoes by wearing clothes that can cover you adequately.

Furthermore, you should sleep on mosquito-treated nets, wear clothes of light colors, and also wear mosquito repellents.

Most importantly, if possible, visit your doctor for an anti-malaria prescription before and after your visit to the Africa safari.

Malaria-free destinations in Africa

Namibia and South Africa are the two popular malaria-free Africa safari destinations. You can consider visiting them if you are worried about malaria bites.

2. Puff adder

Puff adder is the second most deadly animal in Africa, and it is also a poisonous snake in Africa, even though some other snakes have more venom than them.

Features that made puff adder a deadly animal in Africa

Puff adder causes about thirty-two thousand (32,000) deaths in Africa every year. They can perfectly camouflage and have varieties of colors depending on their locations.

When danger approaches a puff adder, it can lie still, and without moving for a long time, people step on them, and then it bites.

Its venom has a considerable potency, and they have long fang. The majority of the bites kill or cause disabilities because of improper treatment.

Furthermore, the distribution of the puff adder in Africa seems to be more in population than the other venomous snakes. 

They have an average length of one meter with solid girth and great speed.

Preventive measures from a bite from the puff adder

Puff adders mostly like to take sunbaths so, if you are out on an Africa safari on a sunny day, be wary of the grass because they might be hiding there.

They also lie on-road paths, so check very well while moving. Finally, if a bite occurs, tie the area immediately to avoid circulation of the venom and then visit the hospital.

3. Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus is the third deadliest animal in Africa after the mosquito, and it is also the most dangerous animal in Africa.

Traits that make hippos deadly

The hippopotamus is responsible for about three thousand (3,000) deaths in Africa every year. It’s a clumsy herbivorous animal that kills humans quickly than other big animals.

Female hippos can be very violent when you come close to their little ones or themselves, while the male hippo becomes aggressive if they feel you are attacking their area. Hippos live across lakes and river banks.

A hippo can be very agile both on land and in the water and runs as fast as 30 kilometers per hour on the ground. 

They are the third heaviest animals in Africa after elephants and rhinos, weighing 1,500 kilograms. Hippos are territorial animals with massive jaws, and sharp teethes of half a meter.

How to evade hippopotamus attack on water

Hippos kill more people on the water than on land, so be careful when close to the animal. 

To make the hippo clear for you on the water, tap heavily on your boat, but move away immediately if it comes closer.

How to elude hippopotamus attack on land

The best way to evade an attack from a hippopotamus is to stay away from the animal entirely. 

However, run to slopes or the hills when you find out that a hippo is chasing you on land.

4. African elephant

The African elephant is the fourth most dangerous animal in Africa after mosquito and hippopotamus, and they kill people even without provocation.

People mainly refer to African elephants as the marvel of science because of their size, which it maintains by eating about 250kgs of fodder daily.

Why did the African elephant become one of the most deadly animals in Africa?

The elephant is the largest land animal on earth. Every year, elephants kill an estimated 500 people in Africa.

Elephants with babies in the quest to protect their babies get aggressive and kill people.

Also, old bulls and petite males become the most deadly aside from all other ones as they can easily trample or crush people to death with their 7,000kg weight. The hostility of the old bulls is because of their sexual activeness called musth.

Annually, poachers kill about 100 elephants, and we believe that the death of their fellow elephants increases their aggression.

Prevention against a charge from an elephant

You can easily predict when you annoy an elephant. The elephant will begin to stamp its foot on the ground and flap its ears, and they portray this behavior three times before they finally attack.

When you notice such behavior from an African elephant, then know that they warn you, and it is time to retreat.

5. Nile crocodile

Nile crocodile is the fifth most deadly animal in Africa. They stay near rivers in Africa, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Characteristic features of the deadly Nile crocodile

Nile crocodile is a giant freshwater predator in Africa. They are highly aggressive and responsible for the death of about 300 people per year.

They are ambush hunters and use their jaws to launch and clamp on their victims, no matter the size. 

Upon catching prey, they draw them, and they stash them on a rock to eat afterward.

The Nile crocodile seems to have extra energy during the rainy season than other periods. Also, the majority of their human attack are of people entering or leaving the boat and children.

How to avoid an attack from the Nile crocodile

Some rivers are popular to be habitats of Nile crocodiles. Therefore, whenever you are near these rivers, do not splash on the shallow rivers.

Nile crocodiles are more dangerous when they are in the water than when they are on land, which is why you should be careful when in the water.

6. Lion

Lion, the king of the jungle, is the sixth deadliest animal in Africa. They cause an average of 250 human deaths yearly, with the sick males responsible for more deaths.

From all indications, lions kill more locals than tourists across game reserves. African lions weigh up to half a ton and live in a group, and they run as fast as 81 kilometers per hour.

There have been reports of attacks at the Kruger National Park, South Africa, in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

How to stay away from lion attack

The best way to stay away from the attack of the African lion when you spot it on your safari trip is to keep still. 

I know it is easier said, but here is the deal; lions feel you are a prey if they see you running, and trust me, you can’t outrun them.

7. Cape buffalo

The seventh deadliest animal in Africa – the cape buffalo, kills about 200 people every year across Africa. Before the attack, they charge and then run through their victims.

They attack their hunters more because they tend to be more deadly with injuries. Cape Buffalos don’t go alone and weigh an average of 7000kg.

How to shun a charge from the buffalo

The only way to avoid a charge from the Cape buffalo is to stay away from it. However, if you spot one charge, run as fast as possible and hope they go back.

8. Great white shark

The Great white shark is the eighth deadliest animal in Africa, causing an estimate of 2 deaths annually. 

They live mainly in Southern Africa waters and have more aggression with human encounters than other sharks.

They give a bite to their prey and then let them bleed to death. They often do not think of humans as their prey; that is why their attack is low.

How to avoid an attack from the great white shark

To avoid an attack from the great white shark, first of all, stay clear of the water that possibly has the great white shark.

Secondly, pay attention to warnings, and if possible, always go with a guide, especially if it’s your first time.

9. Africa Rhinoceros

Africa rhinoceros are deadly as well as powerful and weigh about 2,800 kg. They smell their prey from afar even they do not see well. They also have an incredible speed of about 64 kilometers per hour.

When they face a threat, the black rhino seems to be more aggressive than the white one.

Also, in the quest to secure the calves, female rhinos become hostile upon sighting humans.

Tricks to avoid an attack from the Africa rhino

The first trick to avoid an attack from the rhino when it spots you is to stay still and, if possible, stay low.

Because the African rhinos cannot see well, they won’t know you are there if you do not move.

10. Black mamba

The black mamba is the second deadliest snake in Africa after the puff adder. They attack immediately upon spotting humans with a speed of about 12 miles per hour and 8 feet in height.

Their venom is so toxic that it can kill at about 20 minutes after the attack if proper treatment is not.

The black mamba is not black but got its name from their black mouths. They have olive-brownish colors.

Tips to stay alive after an attack from the black mamba

The first most important thing to do after a black mamba attack is to receive an anti-venom medication. However, while you wait for the medicine, stay still. If not, the venom will circulate to your blood.

What is the most ferocious animal in Africa?

The most ferocious and deadliest animal in Africa is the mosquito. They give a disease that causes malaria that also leads to death if you do not treat yourself well.

They kill about 1,000,000 people every year in Africa, especially Sub-Sahara Africa.

Which animal is most ferocious?

Globally, the most ferocious animal is the saltwater crocodile. The reptile weighs up to one ton and has a length of 23 feet, and it is responsible for thousands of deaths every year.

Final words

With the help of a guide, when you are on an Africa safari trip, these deadly animals do not kill. The guideline here, too, can help you steer free of their attacks.

The article presented above also estimates their kills in Africa per year.

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