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4 Amazing Scenic Spots and 6 Daily Life Activities in Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a beautiful corner on the Atlantic coast located north of Agadir city in Morocco.

The village is a surfer’s paradise, previously a fishing hub. Most of the locals earn the majority of their income from tourism.

Apart from surfing, Taghazout has welcoming locals and a charming landscape that offers a lot of adventures.

Read on to find information on fantastic scenery and daily life in Taghazout. Let’s explore Taghazout, starting from the scenic spots to the everyday life of natives and tourists.

Scenic Spots in Taghazout, Morocco

Even though Taghazout is a small village, it holds many attractions that bring together tourists from all parts of the world, especially surfers. 

You will find below the beautiful scenery of Taghazout.

1. Plage Taghazout or Taghazout Beach

Plage Taghazout or Taghazout Beach is a sandy beach located in Taghazout village. The beach is the top tourist attraction in the village and offers a wide range of water sports activities.

About Taghazout Beach

The Taghazout Beach has stunning scenery, dynamic waves, sturdy wind, and clear turquoise water. It covers 18 kilometers in length and has other minor beaches.

The most popular of these small beaches are Devil’s stone beach, sable d’Or beach, Doulhmi beach, Ait Savall beach, and many more.

These beaches are usually calm and visited more frequently by tourists.

Best time to visit the Taghazout Beach

The best time to visit Taghazout Beach is in September, and at this time, the beach usually has lesser people. Generally, you can explore the beach most around May to June and September to October.

Most popular activities/attractions at the Taghazout Beach

The most popular activity at Taghazout Beach is water sport especially surfing, including kite surfing and windsurfing.

Additionally, you can spot many people taking sunbathes, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, bike touring, exploring SUV and ATV tour.

Infrastructural facilities in the Taghazout Beach

Among the infrastructural facilities at Taghazout Beach are a yoga center, parking space, surf hub, accommodation facilities, bars, and restaurants.

2. Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is another iconic spot in Taghazout, Morocco. It is just a 40 miles – 45 minutes drive from the Taghazout beach, located 35km north of Agadir city in Morocco.

The Paradise Valley, located at the tall Atlas Mountain, forms a part of the Tamraght River Valley.

Attractions at the Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley is famous for its natural waterfalls and pools. While the pools are turquoise in color, the vegetations are luxuriant. 

Despite these unique features of the Paradise Valley, there is no entrance fee to it.

Best time to visit Paradise Valley

The best time to visit the Paradise Valley is every weekend before 9 am. However, the valley is open for tourism all year long.

What to wear and bring to the Paradise Valley

If you are visiting the Paradise Valley, you have to wear hiking shoes and comfortable clothing to ease your movement. Also, try not to carry along many things with you, and a backpack, water bottle, and light snack will do.

3. Taghazout Skatepark

Taghazout Skatepark is a skateboard park and one of the most popular attractions in Taghazout, Morocco. The park covers a surface of 650 meters square.

The Taghazout Skatepark has international standard facilities and brings together skaters from across the globe to exchange experiences.

Operations of the Taghazout Skatepark

The park started 2017 with a community effort of 105 volunteers. An association of community leaders runs the park called the Taghazout Skatepark Association.

Taghazout Skatepark is open six days every week and offers skateboarding classes three times weekly. Additionally, the park issues skateboarding facilities for children skaters.

How to get to Taghazout Skatepark

Taghazout Skatepark sits along the highway of La Source Round-about and is accessible through the park by road. The park is 20 minutes drive from southern Morocco’s most prominent city, Agadir.

4. Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay is a resort on the shore of the Southern part of Morocco. The resort started in July 2011, and it covers 615 hectares of land and stretches across the coast.

Facilities and activities at the Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay offers a wide range of standard facilities and activities, including accommodation, recreation, sporting activities, nightlife, and lots more.

Accommodation at the Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay offers accommodation ranging from villas, apartments, and presidential offers, among others.

Recreation and lifestyle at the resort

Many things to do at the Taghazout Bay include horse riding club, exploring the adventure park, museum, argan tree corporation, relaxation, and wellness center.

Other thrilling daily life activities are visiting the event center, shopping, tours, sports, academic activities, and excursions.

Restaurants at Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay has five restaurant categories: Argan-tree museum restaurant, hotels restaurant, beach club restaurant, golf restaurant, and the Medina restaurant.

Daily life in Taghazout, Morocco

The daily life of people and visitors to Taghazout, Morocco, is characterized by surfing and other recreational activities. Listed below is an idea of the day-to-day activities in the small village of Taghazout, Morocco.

1. Surfing at Taghazout

Surfing is the most popular activity in Taghazout, Morocco. You can have a spectacular view of the surfing scenery from the many beaches in the village.

Surfing destinations in Taghazout

Taghazout has a total of 25 surfing spots. Ten are the most popular surfing spots, including Hash Point, Anchor Point, Anza, Panorama, Crocodile, banana beach, Devils Rock, La Source, Mystery Point, and K17. The most famous of these points is the Anchor Point.

Panorama Beach is the best spot for beginning surfers, while intermediate surfers can best explore Hash Point. 

You can access most of the surfing spots in Taghazout by road.

Best season for surfing in Taghazout

The best season for intermediate surfers to explore the beaches is from March to June. 

More advanced and intermediate surfers can surf the Anza point, among others, around June to September.

However, Professional surfers can enjoy the beaches, especially the Killer Point, boilers, and Anchor point, from September to March.

2. Exploring the Souk el had in Agadir

Souk el had means ‘Sunday market’ in Arabic. The Souk el had market sits in Agadir city, and it is open for six days weekly except on Mondays.

The busiest day in the market is on Sunday, and that is where it got its name. Since the majority of Moroccans are Muslims, some core Muslims close their shops on Fridays.

The majority of the people and tourists from Taghazout visit this market every day to shop for clothes, fresh fish, furniture, argan oil products, fruits, spices, and lots more.

3.Taghazout local cuisines

Taghazout has an abundance of tasty and colorful dishes, but the most popular of these dishes are ‘couscous’ and ‘tajine.’

Most visitors pick interest in learning how to prepare these meals because of the organic ingredients they use.

Some restaurants and cafes serve a wide variety of fresh meals, smoothies, coffees, confectioneries, and other Moroccan cuisines.

4. Camel or horseback riding

Historically, both camels and horses are essential means of transport in Morocco. However, some locals and tourists still pay to ride on them to enjoy the treasure it offers.

Some tour guides include camel or horseback riding to their list to help riders have a fantastic view of the Taghazout coastlines and beaches.

5. Yoga classes

Daily, you will spot people taking yoga lessons across Taghazout. Yoga is a lifelong tradition in the village, and it offers quite a lot of benefits.

Many professional yoga centers and tutors across the community are always willing to teach you tricks to reduce stress by controlling your breath and staying focused.

6. Hamman or Massage

Hamman or massage is popular Moroccan culture. Almost every afternoon in Taghazout, Morocco, you will find people at the spa taking Hamman sessions.

Hamman or massage helps ease the muscle, and Morocco has one of the best Hamman specialists; that is why people troupe in for a session.

Is Taghazout worth visiting?

Taghazout is undoubtedly worth visiting as it offers fun activities, including surfing, sandboarding, yoga classes, horse trekking, sampling of local Moroccan cuisines, beach activities, and lots more.

Is Taghazout Morocco safe?

Taghazout Morocco is a small village that has rare crime records making it super safe to visit. Generally, the crime rate in Morocco is low.

Can you buy alcohol in Taghazout?

Even though no restaurant or bar sells alcohol in Taghazout, Morocco, tourists are free to drink anytime and anywhere they want in the village.

How much is a taxi from Agadir to Taghazout?

Taxi is the quickest means of traveling from Agadir to Taghazout. Taxi charges from MAD 190 to MAD 240, and the distance takes about 20 minutes.

Bottom Line

Taghazout, Morocco, is packed with fun, history, and adventure. Even though it started previously as a fishing village, surfing took over the highlights of their days upon discovering their scenic beaches.

Tourists and vacation lovers visit to explore the scenic spots in the village, such as the ones mentioned in the post above. 

Others, however, come to explore the daily life of the people, including having a taste of their cuisine or going for yoga sessions.

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