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India and Nigeria Partners to Introduce Ayurvedic for Treatment

The Indian High Commission office in Lagos, on the 8th of November 2021, partners with Nigeria nutritionists to introduce an Ayurvedic health system that improves life expectancy. 

Ayurvedic is a healthy system of medicine that treats and prevents ailment through meditation, dietary change, herbal remedies, massage, and yoga. 

For over five thousand years, ayurvedic, traditional medicine, has been in use in India. 

Its type of treatment kicks start with an internal purification process, then massage therapy, unusual diet, herbal remedies, yoga, meditation with universal interconnectedness, life forces, and the body’s constitution as its primary basis. 

The ayurvedic system of medicine developed in India with attribution to Atharva Veda, and it is derived from Sanskrit words Ayur meaning life and Vedic meaning knowledge. 

Ayurvedic is the mother of all medicine and the oldest form of health care China brought to earth through Lord Brahma

Though the introduction of the medicine came through one of the gods of Hinduism, the father of ayurvedic, Charak, put it in writing by launching a book titled “Charak Samhita.” 

Among the countries that acknowledged the medicine are Nepal, South Africa, Cuba, Malaysia, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Colombia, etc. 

Despite being linked to the Hindus religion, its primary concern is to help the individual take control of their health, increase self-reliance, and re-establish their connection to the environment. 

Why Ayurvedic Was Introduced

The introduction of the concept is to improve nutritional status and address the malnutrition problem. 

The office of the High Commission of India said the government of its country had paid ultimate attention to improving the nutritional status of India to achieve the target of Swastha Bharat, meaning “Healthy India.” 

He further explained that ayurvedic is not just for curing illness and diseases, and it is also the entire well-being of mind, body, and social lifestyle. 

An ayurvedic health system mainly finds the primary cause of any disease by using various approaches toward particular health problems. 

Rawat also detailed that the ayurvedic treatment is both preventive and curative and helps create a robust and healthy body. 

He added that the principal objective of ayurvedic is to provide a diet that will help people practice good eating habits that can reduce their intake of processed food. 

Rawat stated that since India is the second-most populous country worldwide and Nigeria the largest in Africa, having a rich tradition of diverse food, it is vital to assert that the young populations take quality nutritious food. 

Following the launch of ayurvedic dental care products in Nigeria, the Head of Business Sub Sahara Africa region says that because many people suffer from dental issues, Dabur will improve dental health care. 

David Victory, a co-founder, pointed out that the ayurvedic way of living will increase nutrition habits amongst Nigerians. 

Michael Kayode, the founder of Eat Right Nigeria, contributed that accepting ayurvedic in Nigeria will help reduce the rate of non-communicable disease as the intake of a package and processed food in the country is getting higher by day.

Bottom Line

Nigeria acknowledged the goodwill of China by introducing the Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic health system, to improve flexibility, stamina, and strength; reduce stress, and maintain overall health.

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