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June Alaare Wisse, an 8 Years Old Nigerian Dutch Model

The eighth-year-old Nigerian supermodel, June Wisse Alaare, was born on June 18th June 2013, in Tema, Ghana. 

She reveals how she fine out her ardent at the early stage and how she copes with it, in line with her other activates.

The young Nigeria model discloses how she finds out what she has interests in, although yet to discover her future career or profession when she grows up.

June continues by saying that her mother is the one who discovered her love for fashion and her talent for fashion modeling at the age of 3 years.    

She says that she will always pose in front of a mirror early and starts displaying her magical cat walking movement skills like an already made professional model. 

The young model states that her interest in models and fashion becomes so alarming till; her mother has to hire professional models that will coach her on how to walk and at the same time behave like a model since she is more passionate about it. 

In the young star’s words, she starts walking like a professional model who is just six years old and inspires enough. She has models for many brands and even gets grown as the little Miss United Nations NG in 2021.

June states that the professional model’s journey is not as easy as people see it, but it has not affected her other activities like her education and even her writing as a poet.

She clears people’s doubt by saying that she’ll make sure to devote adequate time to every activity that pertains to fashion and modeling.

 The supermodel says that her modeling work never stops her from doing other things she likes like swimming, playing piano, doing ballot dance, and so many other things that she mentions.

Surprisingly, the young model says that she has not yet decided on what she wants to be in the future. In her exert words, she says, “is like I will be a singer, or even dancer when I grow up, or maybe change her mind and become a pilot too, but don’t know yet.” 

Currently, in 2021, June Wisse won the Little Miss United Nations.

Finally, Jane passes encouragement words to all the children, telling them that the root is not smooth, but they have to strive harder and think positively since that is the only route to achieve their arms.

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