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Top 10 Most Walkable Cities in Africa

Sure, there are destinations in Africa that you can explore on foot, and these destinations are in the top cities in Africa where you can also go cycling and hiking.

Walking around a city has proven to be more thrilling than driving or taking road tours. Apart from the fact that you exercise in the process, you also save some costs. The best way to explore is by Walking.

These walkable African cities are safe, encourage a better lifestyle, and have a good transport network with proximity to places. These cities have short walking distances between attractions.

Rounded up here are the top 10 most walkable cities in Africa that you can visit if you want to enjoy a well-liked type of transport – walking.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, is a walkable city in Africa with many safe attractions for taking walking tours both day and night.

The city of Cape Town is entirely tiny, and you can either walk alone or go with a paid tour guide but ensure you have your travel documents.

The largest walkable locations in Cape Town are Provincetown, Falmouth, and Hyannis. You walk through their pedestrian-friendly restaurants, boutiques, and shopping centers.

However, Camp Bay is the best place to start exploring Cape Town on foot. It is very close to the beach, and you can walk to the top tourist attractions like Table Mountain. You can also stroll to Waterfront, down to Green Point, to Clifton, and some extent Sea Point.

Other walkable neighborhoods in Cape Town are Century City, a 20 minutes walk to Central Business District (CBD), and Canal Walk.

The city of Cape Town has many other places you can wander to, including the Bo-Kaap Museum with its British-style houses, where you can sprawl to colorful houses at Bo-Kaap streets, the Boorhanool mosque, galleries, and shops.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco, is a great African city to explore on foot. The neighborhoods are level, secured, walkable, and quite an adventure while walking through, no matter the day or night.

The city has narrow streets, pedestrian walkways with a dense population. You can walk into the ancient square of Jemaa el-Fnaa with the vibrant city life and stroll to many markets, down to Bahia Palace, to Marjorelle garden, and the symbolic Koutoubia mosque.

Also, you can take a walking tour from Marrakech Ramparts to see the ancient Marrakech Medina Walls, with historic buildings and businesses but be careful while taking pictures or crossing the road because the traffic can be chaotic.

Other walkable districts in Marrakech, Morocco are Saadian Tombs, Musee Dar Si Said (Museum of Moroccan Arts), Bab Agnaou, Bahia Palace, Kasbah Mosque, and the El Badi Palace.

3. Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda, offers safe, city center gleam and adventurous suburbs suitable for walking tours and safari.

The Jinja City is Uganda’s largest city and a walkable region that includes Jinja River, Sezibwa falls, rafting sites, squad biking, and bungee jumping spots.

It is fun and safe to take a walking tour around craft stores, historical sites, mosques, and bustling streets of Kampala both during the day and night. But you can go along with a tour guide if you are new.

4. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The National Museum, the Cathedral, and other historical, architectural facilities make Addis Ababa a vibrant destination for walking tours. It is pretty safe all day and night with pathways for foot transport.

You can begin your group or solo walking tour from Holy Trinity Cathedral to get a feel of the vibrant area and welcoming locals, learning about their history at the National Museum of Ethiopia, before strolling to observe worshippers at St George’s Cathedral.

Sprawl down to Raizel Café for a refreshing meal before walking down to Derg Monument and the Lion of Judah monument and Statue. You can move over to Red Terror Martyrs’ memorial museum.

5. Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt, is a vibrant city with a prosperous history hub for adventure single or group walking tours.

The security at Alexandra is excellent, but because it is a tourist center, you are rest assured to walk the entire city via a long distance pedestrian coast line. You will be thrilled with its nice coastal scenery and fresh air experience as you walk along this great city path.

Nice tip: To get the best experience, schedule your walking tour early morning time till 12 noon when less people are there. It is good to visit here during the summer time when the weather are hotter, because it can be cold during the deep winter period.

Get in touch with Egyptian history at the Naval Museum in Qaitbey. Stumble upon ancient artifacts at the Citadel of Qaitbay and experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World at Alexandria Lighthouse. Come face to face with freshwater species at Alexandria Aquarium.

Other walkable vicinity include the Abu el-Abbas el-Mursi Mosque, Anfushi Tombs, the Eastern Harbour of Alexandria, and the Ancient Roman Amphitheater.

6. Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth is among the oldest and most prominent cities in South Africa. It is incredibly safe and fun for a walking tour.

Campanile Memorial, a famous attraction close to the railway station, is a good start for a walking tour in Port Elizabeth.

Have a feel of ancient and modern Eastern Cape culture at route 67 and stroll to Donkin Reserve to wander around the city’s lighthouse, cottages, and worship centers. Before you retire, pose for a picture at the Nelson Mandela monument.

7. Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis offers attractive tourist activities for walking tour enthusiasts, plus it is a very safe city. Wander through hidden corners, and explore the cultures and charms of this city on foot.

Walk down the old trades’ sites and artisan’s centers and then stroll down to the waterfront to enjoy tasty meals.

Port Louis, even though it is the capital of Mauritius, is a small city and a hub for businesses. It has museums, eateries, entertainment centers, and other walkable attractions, depending on your pace.

8. Kigali, Rwanda

Safety and walkable in Kigali, Rwanda is top-notch. The city’s numerous attractions and you can pick a couple of them and let yourself get lost.

Begin your walking tour from the Nyamiramho Quarter and explore the ancient city with its structures before strolling to their many restaurants for a sumptuous meal.

Mount Kigali is the destination that you should hike up to interact with nature. The locals at Kimironko local market are friendly, and intermingling with them in the street can be thrilling.

9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Even without a tour guide, you can comfortably walk around the pedestrian of the five streets of the tiny island – Zanzibar. Sure, the Island of Zanzibar in Tanzania is secured and less populated.

Begin your tour from the Kendwa beach in the bustling Kendwa Village and stroll down to the shop at the open market that leads to Forodhani Gardens.

Wander around the Mangapawani Coral Cave to learn the history of the people of Zanzibar before you retire to go fishing at the Chwaka bay.

10. Mahé Island, Seychelles

Seychelles is an island that holds many treasures for nature travelers. It is a great safe, walkable destination that you can explore alone or with a tour guide.

You can take a walk from Mahé Island to see the many species of ancient plants and then stroll past Morne Seychellois National Park to the peak of Copilia to have a clear view of Saint Anne, Praslin, and La Digue Island.

What are the top 10 beautiful cities in Africa?

Africa has a lot of beautiful cities that people go to for tourism; however, based on people’s reviews, the top 10 most beautiful cities in Africa are;

  • Johannesburg in South Africa
  • Tunis in Tunisia
  • Dar es Salaam in Tanzania
  • Abuja in Nigeria
  • Addis Ababa in Ethiopia
  • Lagos in Nigeria
  • Nairobi in Kenya
  • Abidjan in Ivory Coast
  • Windhoek in Namibia, and 
  • Kigali in Rwanda.

What is the best African city to live in?

Rating from the quality and standard of living, the top 5 African cities are; Port Louis in Kigali, Durban in Yaoundé, Le Cap in Douala, Johannesburg in Dar Es Salaam, and Tunis in Luanda.

Bottom Line

It is both secure and inexpensive to walk around the African cities listed above. People can easily access some of the top destinations in these cities by walking.

A high percentage of trips in Africa are made by foot, unlike other continents. You can go for sightseeing walks, or discovery walks in the cities with adequate security, road signals, and pathways.

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