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Why New Egyptian Capital will be the Best City in Africa

Egypt has approved the construction of a smart city for urban development to meet the global development standard. The newly built dream city will be the best in Africa and the Middle East when completed. 

Egypt’s proposed smart administrative capital sits on the border of Badr city, 45 kilometers east of Cairo, along with the port City of Suez way. It’ll remain a wonder to behold in the entire African continent after the completion.

Since 2015, it has been under construction, but work is ongoing now and should be finally completed by 2050, which after Cairo will be switched to the newly constructed “Egypt Administrative Capital.”

According to the details, it’ll feature contemporary residential concepts and is anticipated to accommodate the estimated number of 18 – 40 million residents.

In this article post, you’ll find the reason why the country is constructing a brand-new city and doing all they can to make it the best cosmopolitan modern African city.

We mention here the location, metropolitan areas, districts, and central suburbs. The municipality comprises, as well as other necessary things that will make the new administrative city.

The dream city’s significant facilities will include nice skyscrapers, attractions, innovative parks, and malls.

The Egyptian New city consists of:

1. Central Park with an area of 8 km

The Central Park in Egypt’s new administrative capital is one of the world’s largest parks, more prominent than New York’s Central Park.

It will be above 10 kilometers long, covering the estimated size of 1,000 acres of land, shared into three major planning sectors spanning from east to west.

Each section will comprise a park built to an international standard for different purposes as specified below:

– The first sector of Central Park is History and Gateway Park – which will span across 37 acres of land with public parts for open-air recreation and picnics. Also, it will feature an iconic monument plaza, botanical gardens, a bedouin camp, and a mosque.

– The second is the health and sustainability dedicated park (for community sports and outdoor activities) covering 306 acres. It will house a wetlands park, multi-sports fields, a community garden, and several jogging trails.

– Home to the Civic Park is the 3rd division, which will sit on the edge of the capital’s central business area having 309 acres. Features of the Civic Park include a recreational sports club, a sculpture garden, retail shops, a Ferris wheel, an open library with reading gardens, and riverfront restaurants.

2. Ultra Modern City and Administrative Center

In the middle of the new administrative park, a new tower called “Iconic Tower,” the tallest African building, is almost finally completed.

“Iconic Tower” is expected to house several mega businesses from around the world. Around the new mega office buildings are other gigantic structures, artificial water streams, and forest parks to create a green commercial environment.

3. Green River, 35 km long

The Green River is an open area signifying Cairo’s Nile River. It’s made public for the New Administrative Capital residents and the occupants of Cairo and New Cairo.

Green River will be a significant attraction in the Central Park of the New Administrative Capital, flowing all through the park’s sections.

4. Capital Prime New Capital

Prime Capital is an integrated complex in the new Egypt’s administrative capital executed on 6000 square meters of land, combining administrative offices, medical clinics, and commercial shops.

The Prime Capital sits next to the New Capital International Airport and next to the Al Sefarat neighborhood between R2 and R3 at MU23 in the New Administrative Capital.

5. New Garden City 

A distinctive architectural in the new Egyptian city, the New Garden City, is allocated for residential buildings, gardens, and green spaces.

The buildings and its environment will resemble distinctive European characters while the architectural designs depict French. All the features within will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Ultra Lux finishing.

6. Medical city

Medical City is a healthcare developmental project of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital possessing its airport. It encompasses 490 square kilometers of land between Cairo and the Suez Canal district.

This project will include three new headquarters for health insurance authorities, medical centers, and renowned hospitals. The new health project is expected to serve the city residents and also provides an exceptional international standard medical tourism.

7. Artificial Lakes

Artificial lakes are beautiful, iconic lakes in the new administrative capital of Egypt that you won’t believe are artificial. It has several ecological features, dams, conservation, and fish resources.

8. Disneyland 

Disneyland is the most significant proposed amusements spot with a theme park feature soon in the new Egyptian city.

The massive Disneyland-style amusement park will be four times the size of the Disneyland Park in California.

9. Energy farms

The new administrative capital of Egypt is also constructing four mega projects in electricity called the “Energy Farms” for sustainable renewable energy concepts.

It’ll also feature the equipment generating different forms of energy for local usage or resale.

10. Knowledge City

Knowledge City in the new administrative capital is the most significant cultural monument in the Middle East, boosting science education and research centers.

Spanning across a large land size approximated at 100 acres, the renowned Knowledge City is structured to provide exceptional cultural, architectural masterpieces.

Notably, it’s the central city of knowledge, culture, and arts in the heart of the new administrative capital.

11. Mega Mall

Mega Mall, generally known as the Pyramids Mega Mall, is the only mega mall situated in the best area of the new administrative capital of Egypt.

It is ranked the 3rd largest in the country after the Mall of Egypt and Cairo Festival City Mall, covering 100 acres.

Segments in the mall include sections for real estate companies, airline and tourism, Egyptian Opera House, medical practitioners, Petroleum companies, and the Administrative sectors.

12. Mega-Conference hall

The proposed mega-conference hall in the New Administrative capital of Egypt will count as an enormous convention hall in Egypt and East Africa at large.

It will include international events, corporate summits, bridal suites, meeting rooms, and VIP lounges, among others.

13. Expo City New Capital

Expo City is one of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital; Phase 1 concluded in May 2019.

The project, sponsored by Egypt’s Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities, comprises mixed-use development.

14. Sports City Stadium

New Capital international Sports City Complex, a part of Egypt’s new national stadium, is a large-scale urban project occupying 118,865 square meters of land.

The stadium is elliptical roofed with tall towers in a structure resembling the headdress of the ancient Egyptian queen (Queen Nefertiti). At the same time, its auditorium is segmented into three stand levels enclosed by an athletics track.

Among the stadium’s features are the two largest team sports halls for 15,000 and 8,000 spectators, respectively, the Olympic swimming pool and training pitches. Structures will include hospitality, cultural and administrative building.

Egypt wants to be hosting the Olympics and the World Cup at this mega stadium in the future.

15. Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque

A mosque with 17,000 spectators is there now at the East Ring Road, Cairo Governorate Desert, Cairo Governorate in the New Egypt Administrative capital.

16. The Walk Mall 

The Walk Mall New Capital comprises unified design units for commercial investments, administrative and medical malls.

17. Al Masa Hotel 

Located 37 mi from City Center, Al Masa Hotel features the largest futuristic convention center with an impressive capacity, artificial beach area, and wide-ranging hospitality amenities.

18. Zaha Park Mall

Zaha Park project is among the most legendary symbols of the new Egypt’s administrative capital, comprising massive commercial centers, investment projects, and shopping malls.

Other notable projects in the new administrative Egypt capital are technology and Innovation Park, educational institutions, hospitals, churches, and mosques.

Other necessary things you need to know about the construction of Egypt New Administrative Capital

Why is Egypt constructing a new capital city?

People might be curious about why Egypt is building a new city capital, but here is why.

In addition to creating various employments and housing opportunities, the Egyptian government has approved the construction of a contemporary administrative city to alleviate overcrowding in Cairo and the entire country.

The Great Cairo city is already congested by up to 20 million people, which will double in the next few decades, looking at the increasing population.

Yet again, the new project will help to tackle the problems of the different standards of living. Hence, enabling the government to create a standard by which Egypt will adapt to civilization and population increase and its effects.

Egypt’s Master Plan for Its New Capital

– The planned new capital of Egypt will occupy up to 700sq km of land (similar to the size of Singapore city)

– It will take numerous phases, which will include:

  • The first phase – covering 40,000 acres of land set to accommodate between 6,500,000 – 7 million people.
  • The second phase – will occupy up to 47 000 acres of land
  • The third phase will be 97,000 plots.

Primary Partitions of the New Administrative Capital

The following will constitute the new Egypt capital:

  1. Commercial hub or business districts
  2. Residential districts – R5, R7, and R8

The residential districts will comprise 4000 villas and townhouses divided into phases as follows:

– Phase one: ​​10,000 acres which will consist of 190 villas and 71 townhouses.

– Phase two: ​​15,000 acres that will comprise 139 villas and 50 townhouses.

Each residential building is estimated to comprise eight floors, covering 580 meters square, with each unit occupying an area that ranges from 130 – 180 meters square.

  1. Government administrative precincts

Structures under the government districts will include the following:

– Parliament structure

– Presidential edifice and

– 18 ministerial buildings

  1. Embassies and Consulates District

Other divisions for the new Egypt’s capital city are:

  • Cultural areas.
  • North Mohammed Bin Zabid settlement.

Commercial buildings will occupy 10,000 acres of land.

Where is the location of New Egypt Capital City?

The Egyptian’s new capital city is located immediately after Madinaty, New Cairo, and Future City, bordering Badr city amid Cairo/Al Ain Sokhna and Cairo/Suez roads.

Administrations undertaking the project of new Egypt’s Mega City

The construction of the new capital city megaproject is under the management of a joint venture, and the estimated capital for taking up the project is 6 billion EGP.

Significant departments under this joint venture include: 

– Urban Communities Authority

– National Service Projects Organization and

– The Armed Forces Project Authority.

Egypt construction companies that are handling the project

Companies approved for the development of this mega project (particularly the residential and government districts) are the largest Egyptian renowned construction companies, and they include:

– CSCEC Company, counted as a top-rated company alongside other 250 contracting companies worldwide

– Concord

– Arab Contractors

– Egyptian-Spanish Alliance

– Hassan Allam Properties

– Talaat Moustafa

– Orascom alliance with Petrojet for Contracting

– Wadi El Nile for Contracting & Real Estate Investments

Provisions of units in the new Egypt capital city by the country’s Ministry of Housing 

Egypt’s ministry of housing provided some of the units in the new smart city, which include:

– A land area covering 3,000 acres mapped out for property investors and developers with basic residential facilities and necessary services.

– Another 40,000 units proposed to be completed in the year 2020

– Others are the government areas for the parliament, ministerial and presidential.

Bottom Line

With the above lay-down construction plan and the accomplishments so far, you’ll quickly notice that the new Egyptian mega-city, titled “dream city,” will be the best residential investment and tourism city in Africa.

With its size proposed to be similar to the city of Singapore alongside other ultramodern plans that meet current global development standards, the new administrative Egypt’s capital offers a better standard of living and brighter future for the residents.

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