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11 Perfect Places in Africa for Sporting Holiday

Sports enthusiasts often become curious about where they will spend their extended period of leisure and recreation.

There are many adventures places in Africa where those who have passion and are excited about sports can spend their holidays without regret, and these places are all parts of Africa.

The most exciting thing to know here is that each African country has its specialty in sport and the best place, one can carry out any sporting holidays of their choice.

Below are perfect places in Africa where one can go for sporting holidays.

1. Paarl, South African

Sports enthusiasts seeking holidays within the African continent and anticipate going to the best area with a best-golfing center for exercise should consider Nicklaus golf center in Paarl, Western Cape province of South Africa, a great destination.

The Nicklaus golf center is an establishment of one of the world’s greatest athletes in Africa. The sporting and recreational center ranks high on any golfer’s list and is the best place one can go for holidays.

The Nicklaus Golfing center will equip you with the proper facet you need to remain fit and enjoy your holidays.

South Africa is also one of the best place for sports holidays because they are good at cricket, rugby, and soccer too and they have the right location for it.

2. Egypt South Sinai Resorts

Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurgada in South Sinai Egypt happens to be the best place for scuba diving. It is the perfect solution for those excited about the sport and can go on holiday in any African country.

People are attracted to going on holidays in this Red Sea resorts in Egypt due to its superb conditions with a high water temperature and visibility that is often about 130 feet.

The most exciting part of Red Sea Egyptian water has about 1,100 fish species living inside in which one will anticipate having fun and feed the eyes after hearing about it.

Aside from Egypt Red Sea resorts being the best place for scuba diving in Africa, it also has other exciting sporting activities like gymnastics, weight lifting, and swimming.

3. Samburu East, Kenya

Kenya is the right destination for sporting holidays because it is the first highlight when it comes to hiking exercise and Donkey racing.

Mount Ololokwe in Northern Kenya is a favorite place for a hike; climbing up Mount Ololokwe is worthwhile due to its benefits.

Again, donkey racing is another exciting sport in Kenya, and it is even one of the Kenyans best games but is ideal for exploring on Kenya’s island, Lamu.

This place will serve as a beautiful momentum to go home with as one who visits there for holidays, especially sports holidays.

4. Moshi, Tanzania

As a sports enthusiast, who wants to go for holidays within the African continent and you desire to go to the best area for mountain climbing exercise, where people go for Mounting climbing, Moshi in Tanzania, where Kilimanjaro mount sits, is a better option.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a popular mount in Tanzania and Africa, and people go there to carry out mounting climbing exercises. Again people who want to remain on track even when they are on holiday go there to have fun.

Again, Mount Kilimanjaro is the best place for spending your holidays as one who likes the sport, because one doesn’t need a formal skill to go there, it means that you don’t need to be an expert in climbing mounting or even mountaineering equipment before you go there.

Also, Tanzania is the right option for those who love Soccer and boxing as the country is practically doing well in those sports areas too.

5. Cross River, Nigeria

For someone passionate about sport and searching for a place in Africa where you can comfortably spend your holidays to the fullest, Cross River State, in Nigeria, is the answer to that question.

Nigeria has lots of exciting and healthy oceans suitable for fishing, such as Rivers, Benin, Lagos State, Bendel state, Ogun state, and Cross Rivers State, but Cross River seems to be the best.

Fishing, which is the activity of harvesting fish or aquatic organisms from the wind or the activities done in the water due to a sport, can be adopted when one feels like embarking on a holiday journey as a sports lover.

Nigeria is the best place to go as a lover of sport for your holidays because the country has the best water for fishing and so many people go there for fishing to keep fit. Nigeria is also good in football sport that takes place in all parts of Nigeria, especially in Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium located in Enugu, Nigeria.

6. Central Accra Beach, Ghana

There are beautiful beaches in Ghana where one can go for sporting holidays.

Ghana has beautiful beaches capable of giving one memorable and fulfilling trip; central Accra beach happens to be one of those places in Ghana that will provide you the fantastic time you desire when it comes to swimming with dolphins.

People troupe to Accra beach in Ghana to swim with dolphins, and the beach serves them with the best holiday they dream of.

 Despite the pressure that they drive there, one needs to take note while going to Ghana for holidays that the sea of guinea is not that safe, especially for the armatures and learners.

Aside from that, an expert can freely go to Ghana and enjoy the sunbathing, cocktail, and the rest.

Ghana is also the best when it comes to football too, all these qualities and more makes Ghana the ideal place for your vacation when it comes to sport holiday.

7. Casamance, Senegal

 Casamance in Senegal is a better suggestion for one who what to go on a wrestling holiday in Africa country.

Wrestling challenges are prevalent in Senegal as it provides the people with entertainment and exercise.

Wrestling offers young men the dreams of fame and fortune. It will surprise you that most people choose wrestling as their area of interest.

Aside from wrestling, Senegal is also a suitable holiday venue for those who love football and basketball.

For those who love wrestling, football, and basketball and wants to embark on a journey where they can enjoy it, Senegal is the best option for you.

8. Tuli Safari, Botswana

Toli safari, located in Botswana, is the right option for sports holidays for horse riding.

Horse riding is an exciting exercise, and those who like sport may want to go recreation having this sport in mind as their foremost priority.

The right place to go is the Tuli safari in Botswana; it is a classic point–to–point horse safari in Botswana covering approximately 120 miles in the vast Mashatu game reserve in the Tuli Block.

Visiting Tuli safari will give you a take-home experience that will lead you till your next holiday season.

Botswana also has the right qualities and experience in softball, golf, tennis, and badminton sport.

9. Limpopo province, South Africa

 South Africa is the best place to spend a breathtaking holiday, a lot of sporting activities go on there like mountain biking and other varieties of exercise you can think of.

Most people see South Africa as a home for African holidays; this is due to the beautiful private wild reserve in Zndspruit Estate around Limpopo province.

Again you can find many harmless animals on the estate, such as Zebras, giraffes, and other wide Animals.

The sight of these beautiful animals is what you don’t need to miss. Also, you must keep in mind that traveling is part of education.

 You can also find exciting sports centers in south Africa like cricket games, boxing, and soccer. An example is that in Benoni, Gauteng, in South Africa, is the best place for cricket games with other exciting sport.

10. Longido, Tanzania

If you want to enjoy a cycling holiday with other sports in Tanzania, the best place to go is Longido.

Tanzania is the best choice for a sporting holiday because it houses the most exciting sporting places in the country.

Cycling is a type of exercise that falls under aerobic activity, and in this type of exercise, the heart, blood vessels, and lungs all get a workout.

As a person who loves exercise, more especially cycling exercise, Longido, in Tanzania is the best place to spend your holidays.

Riding in the Longido is undoubtedly a smooth downhill stretch that skirts the boundaries, and this will satisfy the desire you crave for.

Again, the country is good at soccer and boxing too.

11. Northern Ethiopia

The Simien mountains park located in Northern Ethiopia is a fascinating place to be in Ethiopia.

 The Simien perk is suitable for hiking exercise, running, mountain biking, and many other sports are done in the mountain that one can think of.

Also, you can go for swimming exercise in Lake Langano, still in Ethiopia, and the area has good swimming pools.

As a sports lover looking for a perfect place to spend a holiday without doll moments, the Simien mountain park in Ethiopia is the solution for that.

Where do people go on holidays in African?

The best Countries in Africa, where people go for a holiday, are Egypt, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, and Tanzania. Also, you can go to Namibia and South Africa.

Which country in Africa is best with tourism?

Countries in Africa that are best in tourism are Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius and many others like Tanzania, Bostwana, and Kenya.

Final words

Sporting holidays are a must journey that everyone who loves sport must embark on, especially within the African continent.

The experience, when you decide to explore any of these locations, is unspeakable, as it you will enjoy many fun activities of interest in the sport.

The above-listed exercise and the best place one can go for its holidays will serve as an effective tool to many who don’t have any interest in sporting activities.

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