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14 Ghana Loveliest Beach Resorts

Ghana boasts outstanding and beautiful scenery, which the more pronounced aggregate of features that give character to the country’s landscape is the lovely beach resorts.

The beach resorts in Ghana occupy about 310 miles (500 kilometers) of the country’s coastline, scattered all over the metropolitan and remote cities.

Amazingly, visitors have various options to choose from; either the low-key eco-resorts scattered or the 5-star resorts offering luxury services in all their operations.

However, we’ve selected the 14 loveliest beach resorts in Ghana, West Africa in this post.

1. Serenity Beach Resort

Serenity Beach Resort makes a great time away with family members as well as friends or business acquaintances.

Discover this beach by visiting on a Saturday morning. You’ll find places to have lunch and dinner out here before heading back home later on Sunday night when everyone starts leaving.

2. Aqua Safari Resort

The next is Aqua Safari Resort, where we have a fantastic view from our hotel room on a clear day! While there aren’t any restaurants or bars along this part (they only serve food), they do offer accommodation services for you if it’s not too late.

 3. Labadi Beach Resort

Labadi beach resort is another beautiful beach resort in Ghana, Laurell Abraham owns it, and he opened it in August 1991.

This resort treats people with mainly street food and local favorites like kebabs, grilled tilapia, and many other tasty foods.

Labadi beach sits in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, and there is also an entrance fee for those who are not staying in the hotel. Again the beach makes available all forms of captivating affairs that are mind-blowing.

For those looking for relaxation centers and venues with either loved ones and friends, the Labadi resort is the perfect place for it.

 4. Busua Beach Resort

 Another fascinating beach resort in Ghana is Busua Beach Resort sitting in the western region of Ghana.

The Busua Beach is a resort and a fishing village, and this beach offers about 62 rooms that look more like homes and makes one comfortable.

The Busua beach resort makes available a fit-out terrace with a beautiful ocean, making it one of the famous resorts in Accra.

 It also offers a fitness center, lounge even an on-site restaurant, and it also has up to 3 outdoor pools and a children’s pool.

Admits all the places one can go to get away; Busia Beach happens to be the best option in Ghana.

 5. Oasis Beach Resort

As the name implies, the oasis beach resort is a fertile place and resort in Ghana, and it gives travelers the best relaxation they need.

It is a home away from home because of the comfort visitors enjoy there.

The beach’s location in Cape Coast, Ghana, and guests to this each have access to fresh and natural foods that are mouth-watering.

They offer services like laundry service that ensures that your clothes are clean and the rest. Again it provides beachside accommodation for those who want to stay close to the beach.

For those seeking a comfort zone to enjoy their selves, the oasis beach is the answer.

 6. Bojo Beach Resort

Bojo Beach Resort is in the Densu River Delta, Ramsar site, and the Atlantic Ocean in Accra.

A beautiful and highly screen environment surrounds this beach resort.

It offers lovely services that you have never thought of, like the hot tub, swimming pool, and even delicious food.

7. Sajuna Beach Resort

Sauna Beach Resort is a resort with unique white sand and sits along Akosombo road. 

The beach resort has a panoramic event space, a restaurant, and it is kid-friendly. 

The designed beach serves as a place for relaxation and works daily from 9 am to 6.00 pm. 

8. Blue Diamond Resort

The blue diamond resort is at the Abrekum Central Region Accra Ghana, with 500 meters of hammock-lined private beach. 

The resort is close to a colonial fishing village which creates an avenue for a long walk along the coast for visitors. 

It provides property amenities like a free parking space, fitness center, room service, minibar, and conference facilities.

9. Coconut Groove

Coconut Groove resort is known for hosting the affluent, heads of state, European Royals, and many other dignitaries in the past. 

It is in the business district of Accra, and it’s not more than a 10-minute drive from the World Bank office, Danish, Canadian, etc. 

The beach is one of the unique characteristics of the resort. It has a mini animal sanctuary and an 18 hole golf course. 

Friendly service is the hallmark of the resort as it serves world-class service and Ghanaian hospitality.

10. Lou Moon

Lou Moon is a beautiful beach eclosed by 24 acres of forest with the rooms on the tip of the private island, giving vacationers an island-ish touch. 

It’s a unique beach resort in Ghana’s Western Region that offers a private swimming pool and a restaurant with expensive international cuisine. 

Lou Moon resorts have an ocean view, suites, family room, and non-smoking room as its room features.

11Abuesi Beach Resort

Abuesi Beach Resort is ideal for a romantic date with over 36 acres of flexible tropical plants. 

It has an elegant sea view towards the Atlantic Ocean at Takoradi, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana. 

It’s the only beach resort that accommodates both the abilities and disabilities in black Sahara. 

The resort-style is business, charming and it offers a golf course, bar, Wi-Fi, and babysitting.

12. Ko-Sa Beach Resort

Ko-Sa Beach resort is an environmentally aware resort built in a natural surrounding having the Nol and Annelies van de Mast as the management. 

Ko-Sa has a unique ambiance sitting along beach Road Ampenyi- Central Region in Cape Coast, Ghana. 

The workers deliver in English, Dutch, German language and free parking, fishing, kid’s meal, etc.

13. Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort

Lake Bosomtwe Paradise is a resort located in Abono near Kuntanase, Lake Bosomtwe Kumasi, Ghana. 

Resort tourism is one of the major attractions in Ghana as it houses the shopping, museum, historical sites, etc. 

It has room features like housekeeping, room service, kitchenette, and amenities including free parking, pet friendly, horseback riding, concierge, etc. 

14. Elmina Bay Resort

Elmina Bay Resort is a resort in Ghana highly rated for cleanliness, and it offers accommodation with a restaurant sited at Mbofra Akyinim, Elmina, Ghana. 

The resort offers comfortable, well maintained, and outstanding services like En-suite bathrooms, dressing rooms, function room, TV in all rooms, and volleyball. 

A large pool, garden, and conference room provide a peaceful setting for meetings.   

What are the most beautiful beach resorts in the world?

Among the top beach resorts worldwide is Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo Island, Australia, Viceroy Riviera in Maya, Mexico, The Mulia in Bali, Indonesia, and the qualia, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

 Does Ghana have resorts?

Yes, Ghana has a great selection of resorts that we have listed in this article post, which Lemon Beach Resort is one of them.

 Are beaches in Ghana safe?

Ghana beaches are almost safe, but you can’t swim because of tanning and dirt, incredibly a few of them in Accra.

Where can I relax in Ghana?

Despite the dramatic changing situation worldwide, travelers don’t have anything to worry about in Ghana. 

All the cities in Ghana have great relaxation spots, such as Lou Moon Resort in Axim, Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, and many others.

Last Words

We have curated Ghana’s enthralling picturesque and nature’s captivating scenery great for individuals, families, or groups seeking a breathtaking seaside holiday in Africa.

Now that you’ve read about the most attractive and pleasurable beaches in Ghana, it’s time to plan your next vacation there to explore the country’s coastlines.

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