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20 Interesting Ways to Reduce Your Stomach Fat

Belly fat can be so annoying and discomforting, and it constitutes a nuisance such that it can keep one out of shape.

Aside from this, scientific research has shown that abdominal fat is a typical risk of certain heart diseases and diabetes.

Maintaining a trim waistline will not make you look great but can help you lead a healthier and longer life.

For this reason, we have studied and whittled the list down to weight loss approaches that come top.

1. Eat soluble fiber 

Soluble fibers are present in many foods and can dissolve easily in water to form gel-like materials. 

Apples, peas, carrots, psyllium, blackberries, flaxseed, citrus fruits, barley, oats, beans are excellent sources of soluble fiber. Consuming a lot of them is effective in losing stomach fat.

Studies proved that daily intake of up 10-gram soluble fiber-rich food contributes to a 3.7% belly fat reduction.

2. Steer clear of added sugar

Overeating added sugar supplies the liver with excessive fructose, which consequently turns into fat. 

Sugar causes the build-up of fat around the abdominal area and the liver. Also, when too much sugar is in the liver and abdomen, it causes various metabolic problems and insulin resistance.

It happens as a result of vast amounts of fructose and glucose. They cause harmful effects on human health, especially when consumed frequently and in excess quantities.  

3. Minimize unhealthy fat intake

Excessive consumption of unhealthy fats may be detrimental as it increases stomach fat, among other health issues.

Alternately, opt for coconut oil in your cooking, which contains medium-chain fats that are the healthiest among other kinds of fats you can eat. It is beneficial to replace some of the fats you consume with coconut oil.

4. Avoid artificial sweeteners

These may be in most drinks, candies, chewing gums, and more. They are usually difficult to digest and upset the stomach, causing gas and bloating.

Artificial sweeteners contain sucralose, which increases GLUT4 present in adipose tissues and striated muscle. The effect becomes an accumulation of fat in the belly and other body fats.

5. Drink green tea

Drinking up to 2 or 3 cups of green tea has been deemed effective for centuries in the battle against stomach fat. 

The presence of caffeine in green tea stimulates the bowls and promotes healthier metabolism.

6. Quit drinking sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages are filled with empty calories that. Its consumption increases abdominal fat accumulation and fatty waistline.

According to scientific research, individuals who consume sugar-sweetened beverages should have a 27% larger increase in stomach fat above six years than those who do not.

7. Proper body posture

Avoid sitting in slumped positions as this awkwardly positions the body so that fathers fat in the wrong places. 

A bad sitting posture causes an anterior pelvic tilt. When this becomes the case, your butt sticks out, resulting in protruding abdomen, consequently, an illusion of a larger stomach. Try to maintain proper sitting positions at all times.

8. Sleep more

Sleep deprivation messes up the body system and the whole metabolism process. Always carve out time to get as much rest as possible for healthier and improved metabolism.

Sleeping activates the brown adipose tissue, which contains much greater mitochondria, which helps burn calories to produce heat. 

9. Lower alcohol intake

There is nothing wrong with getting a sip of alcohol sometimes, and it quickly becomes a threat to the body when it gets too much; therefore, don’t drink too much of it. 

Excessive intake of alcohol provides calories that are not useful to the body. It significantly causes fat storage around the waistline.

Studies show that people who drink alcohol are less likely to gain belly fat than those who consume it excessively.

10. Moderate meal proportion

It isn’t good to have your clothes elastics bothered because you have taken a meal. 

Avoid overeating; inculcate the habit of eating small portions of a meal at a time. Over binge can lead to weight gain and increase the size of the stomach.

11. Reduce or avoid gluten meals

You may consider going gluten-free! Gluten has, over the years, helped to trigger food sensitivities and intolerance, which leads to weight gain. 

Completely abiding it is a huge step closer to healthier living.

Gluten is found mainly in countless processed food, and sensitivity to gluten foods can cause a build-up of belly fat. However, there’s no scientific backup. 

12. Eat high protein foods.

Protein-rich diets promote fullness and reduce over binge. They contain essential nutrients for weight management. 

Make sure to include protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, whey protein, beans in your daily diets. 

The consumption of protein before and after bedtime impacts metabolism positively, and it helps the body tissues repair naturally.

13. Ensure balanced diet

Consuming proteins in large quantities is good. You need to appropriately balance them with other nutrients such as fiber and healthy fat.

Healthy eating reduces the number of carbs in your body potentially. What’s more, it aims to reduce your appetite and the rate of fat loss in various parts of the body.

14. Eat a lot of whole grains.

While whole grains are naturally with fiber which provides instant and long-lasting satiation, they have been found helpful in the fight against stomach fat.

One significant benefit of whole grains is to shed stomach fat and keep it off.

Ditch the consumption of white rice, white bread, and all sorts of refined grains. Consume more whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, barley, farro, whole-wheat pasta, etc. 

15. Control your sodium consumption

Salt is the most significant container of sodium. Salty food causes the body to retain fluid, thereby reducing the metabolism speed while causing day accumulation.

An excessive amount of salt intake does not only cause water retention but produces higher body fat, scales up the body pounds, thereby causing accumulation of fats around the waist.

16. Lessen stress levels

High-stress level messes up with the general body system. Ways to achieve this include yoga stretches, meditation among others.

Slender women and non-overweight individuals who are vulnerable to a high level of stress are prone to having excess abdominal fat – scientifically suggested.

17. Exercise more often

Among the many incredible benefits of exercise is the reduction of belly fat. Adopt the lifestyle of exercising at every chance possible to improve metabolism and general fitness.

Aerobic exercises are most effective in shedding stomach fat. These great exercises include running, swimming, rowing, cycling, biking, and walking, especially brisk walking.

Among all these, the most productive kind of exercise to shed belly fat quickly is crunches.

18. Avoid drinking while eating.

Having liquid simultaneously with a meal dilutes the digestive juices, consequently slowing down the digestion process. 

Drinking juice and unhealthy sweetened beverages with meals adds volume to your stomach and may negatively affect your metabolism. As a result, you should avoid this.

19. Intermittent fasting

Recently, intermittent fasting, also known as intermittent energy restriction, has become an easy way of weight loss and weight management.

It includes various eating schedules of deliberately timing your eating cycles over a stipulated time.

One can choose among daily time-restricted fasting, periodic fasting, and alternate-day fasting to reduce food intake and maintain moderate weight in the stomach and other body parts.

20. Keep track of what you eat.

Be mindful of what enters your mouth daily. Keeping a record of your daily consumption, including foods and drinks, is a better way to improve your diet and observe fat loss.

When you have a clear picture of what is entering your body every day, you will determine whether you are eating healthfully or not. 

In this way, you can make adjustments where necessary.

How can I reduce my tummy in 2 days, seven days? Or how can I reduce my belly in 10 days?

Some folks with annoying tummy size usually search the internet daily, asking the questions above and similar. 

The answer is – aerobic exercises and healthy diet regimens mentioned in this post can help reduce belly fat. One should practically follow the steps consistently to achieve a positive result.

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

One of the popular abdominal exercises that are the most effective in melting belly fat is crunches. Crunches are the no.1 on the list of practical exercises to burn stomach fat. 

How to do crunch exercise:

To complete various sessions of crunch exercise, lay on the exercise mat placed on the floor. 

Make sure that your knees and feet are hip-width apart from each other.

Firmly place your feet flat on the floor while bending your knees. Place your fingers behind your neck or place your arms across your chest. 

Lift your shoulder blade off the mat and gradually lower yourself down the exercise mat. Do this continuously and in a steady motion for some seconds. Breathe in slowly as you do it. 

Does walking reduce belly fat?

Walking, as an aerobic exercise, has proven effective in reducing stomach fat. A result from a scientific study revealed that walking reduced tummy fat and contributed to obesity management.

Walking and running aid in burning calories and melting away stomach fat, but it depends on the intensity. 

Final Words

There’s no magic to terminating stomach fat, but nutrition improvement and some lifestyle changes with persevering efforts can go a long way to help.

Read through the points carefully, apply the strategies consistently and say goodbye to annoying fat that settles around the stomach.

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