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15 Unique Wild Animals you Can See in Kenya Safari

Discover here the 15 unique wild animals you can see in Kenya Safari.

Kenya has earned a reputation for its commitment to protecting wildlife, making it one of the most distinct tourist destinations in the world. You’ll find that there’s something for everyone on a Kenyan safari.

Beyond the famous ‘Big 5’ wildlife of Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Cape Buffalo, and Rhinos, you will see other beautiful and unique species of animals in Kenya, such as Giraffes and Chimpanzees.

There are many species of animals in Kenya, and one can see them in game reserves and national parks.

The 15 types of animals you can see on a Kenyan safari are as follows:

1. Zebra

Zebras are not a rarity in Kenya, and though they fall under the horse family, they’re primarily known for their white and black stripes. Essentially running at 56km per hour, zebras also have an incredible sense of hearing and sight.

Zebra has two species – Grevy’s Zebra (found in Northern Kenya) and Plains zebra, unique for their tiny stripes. The Grevy zebra is among the endangered animals in the world.

There are currently only two zebra species, the Grevy’s and the plains zebra.

2. Hippopotamus

Hippos can grow up to 3 meters long and can be as heavy as 4000kg. They have a short trunk shaped like a barrel they use to find food in the water or the ground – sometimes, it also has tusks.

Their smooth, hairless bodies resemble bundles of muscles, giving them a bulky look.

One can find Hippopotamus near swamps, lakes, and tributaries. A typical animal can stay in the water for entire days straight.

Hippos are present in some national parks in Kenya, such as Lake Naivasha, Nairobi National Park, Masai Mara, and others.

3. Serval Cat

The serval cat is a wild cat with spots and stripes similar to the leopard. Servals also share similarities with tigers; for example, both have lines. They’re primarily active at night and are from Africa.

They are roughly medium-sized, and they eat things like bugs & rodents, and other related creatures.

4. Giraffe

There are nine species of giraffes in the world—three hail from Kenya, which includes the Rothschild giraffe, Maasai giraffe, and Somali.

There are three species of giraffes in Kenya; the largest is the Masai giraffe, found in places such as Maasai Mara and Amboseli, among others.

However, the Rothschild giraffe is listed among the endangered animals globally, while the Maasai giraffe is much more widespread.

The tallest animal in the world is a mammal called a giraffe, which can grow over six meters tall and run between 35-60 kilometers per hour. They have long, skinny legs, and their necks are around 3 meters long.

They have long necks and horns, dark patches of brown all over their body, and are curious animals. They’re fantastic to see in their natural habitat.

5. African Wild Dog

Unlike the domesticated dog, the African Wild Dog is aggressive and untamed. They’re endangered but may still reside in Kenya, especially at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Olare Motorogi conservancy, etc.

Like wolves, they live in packs and try to attack as one. They have arresting patterns on their bodies, unsurprisingly called Lycaon pictus in Latin, meaning “painted wolf.”

Dogs and even wolves have a fifth nail on their toe, the dewclaw. You can see this separate from the four toes of the hind paws, but African wild dogs lack the dewclaw.

6. Gerenuk

The Gerenuk looks similar to the giraffe and the gazelle (hence the name), which is why they are called the gazelle-giraffe in some places.

The Gerenuk is a long-necked animal similar to the giraffe. In Somali, its name means ‘giraffe-necked.’

7. Cheetah

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals and can reach an average top speed of 110 kilometers per hour. They usually weigh between 60kilchers and 210 centimeters long.

They have a similar appearance to leopards except for their darker colors, which are an orange blur in color and smooth in texture.

The fur on the cheetah is also quite elongated, with curvature variations across the back of the body. In addition, their faces are noticeably smaller than that of a leopard.

Cheetahs are giant, wild cat that occasionally hunts in large groups of about five.

Kenya is home to some game reserves full of cheetahs and cats, but most of them disappear because of excessive hunting.

8. Flamingo

A flamingo is a long-legged bird that can stand with one tall leg for a considerable period. In Kenya, you can find these birds in large numbers at the Lake Bagoria National Reserve.

The Lake Bogoria National Reserve is between wooded hills that keep large varieties of birds safe.

Kenyan Flamingos are pink because they feed on plankton from blue-green algae in alkaline lakes.

9. Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is a beautiful animal unique to the Kenyan Safari. It has black and white fur and got its name from its habit of eating honey bees which produce larvas and honey.

While they are not as large as other animals, they are equally violent and can take on more powerful animals.

For example, a Honey Badger may attack a tiger hunting or eating its prey, and this independent animal may still emerge victorious.”

10. Caracal

The caracal is a medium-sized cat that resembles the lynx but has no patterns on its fur. It also has tufted ears and looks similar to the serval, but its ears are not as large.

Their beautiful tufted ears add a means of social interaction among caracals. Although the caracal is gentle looking, it can be perilous when attacking its prey.

They also have an extraordinary ability to jump. You can see this when a Caracal wants to catch its prey. It can jump for about 10 feet, which is about 3 meters.

11. Wildebeest

The Wildebeest is an African antelope with a large body and slender legs. It has a square head, ‘c’ shaped horns, grey fur, a dark or fair beard, and black tresses.

The Wildebeest travel from June to October every year and travel alongside a couple of gazelles and Zebras.

12. Hyena

Hyenas are amazing creatures & they make some pretty hilarious noises. They come in two different species: the spotted hyena and the striped.

Spotted hyenas are stronger than striped ones and generally perform better in fights. However, stripped hyenas can chase away tigers from a kill, so they also get to eat.

13. Warthogs

Warthogs, a pig family’s wild animal, have a similar snout and body shape to the pigs and weigh about 150 kg. They also have four tusks.

Warthogs have a varied diet and feed on, among other things, grass, roots, plants, and fruits.

You can frequently spot Warthogs at waterholes and streams, drinking water.

14. Cuckoos

The Cuckoos are one of the most exciting birds in Kenya, even though there are thousands of other just as enticing species. So birdwatchers flock to Kenya to spot Cuckoos.

Cuckoos belong to the family of Cuculidae and have varieties that span ten types. They resemble doves in size and have a smooth body with a white underbody, shady barred, and bluish-grey upper body. The tail extends alongside the wings.

Cuckoos are infamous for laying eggs on the nests of other birds. It means that other birds will have to work very hard to care for the cuckoo’s young, which some people believe is unfair because they’ve had nothing to do with it.

These birds only appear in Africa in March and April but migrate to Britain for the summer.

15. Crested Porcupines

Crested porcupines, also known as African crested porcupines, are rodents that fall into the family of Hystricidae.

These animals have a crest from which they derive their name, separating the hair on their back into two layers – one outlying layer made up of white hairs and another layer underneath made up of black hairs. They also have long quills, which are usually black.

African crested porcupines are BIG, black animals. Their average weight is 27 kilos, and their length is about 83 cm.

They mainly eat tree bark, fruits, roots, and other leafy plants. They have spines across the shoulders and up to their forehead.

What are ten of the most famous wild animals in Kenya?

Kenya has a wide variety of wildlife, considering its habitats, including lakes, valleys, mountains, and grassland savannah.

However, the ten most famous wild animals in Kenya are; rhinoceros, hyena, lion, elephant, Wildebeest, lesser kudu, genet, giraffe, and crocodile.

What animal is only native to Kenya?

The Kenyan flag has a lion’s picture, recognized as the country’s national animal and one of the big five.

What are the endangered animals in Kenya wildlife?

Some of the endangered animals in Kenya wildlife include the pancake tortoise, gray-crowned crane, black-fronted francolin, and cheetah.

What is the rarest animal on the Safari?

Here are some animals you can see while on safari: the honey badger, the African wild dog, the African civet, and the pangolin. You may be lucky to spot these animals in East and Southern Africa.

Unlike other animals on the Safari, these creatures are rare and seen by only the luckiest people.

Besides that, you can find only a few other animals on Safaris. These are also uncommon, and it’s unlikely to see them in Safari.


It’s no doubt that Kenya is the premier safari destination in the world. With its diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes, it has continuously attracted tourists.

The list of animals and plants you see above is a fantastic sight among lovers of nature. They are the most sought-after ones in parks or national reserves.

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