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12 Itineraries to Help Tourists to Explore Fogo, Cape Verde for Tours and Excursions

12 Comprehensive Itineraries to Help Tourists Explore Fogo, Cape Verde for Tours and Excursions

Fogo, Cape Verde, is well-known for having many venues that provide great entertainment with attractive sights such as its picturesque, dramatic volcanic scenes for ideal tours and excursions.

There’s no shortage of places to explore in Fogo. Visit the coastlines, mountains, deserts, and forest trails and have a great time.

This island in Cape Verde’s Sotavento Group will delight you with various insightful experiences, from day cruises and wine tasting to cultural tours.

Looking to maximize your time in Fogo? Check out these tips on taking advantage of full-day excursions and tours to all the best places on the island.

1. Spectacular Vulcano Hiking Experience at Fogo Island

Fogo Island, with a mountain peak of 2829 meters, is an isolated paradise for hiking. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, take advantage of the summit of Fogo and be blown away by the fantastic views.

The good-for-avoiding-crowds tour offers a pickup service to vacationers staying at hotels in Praia.

Experiences at the spot 

· “Cha Dàs Caldeiras” is an excellent place for stunning views overlooking the valley, along with views of an active volcanic cone.

· Another stop at Pico Do Fogo is an unforgettable adventure that will give visitors the sensation of touching the sky by climbing the volcano.

· A walk through the crater followed by a descent to the small peak that’s in lava ash gives a satisfying experience.

· A hike to the top of this majestic volcano gives tourists a chance to witness a 360-degree view of the whole of Fogo Island and an opportunity to see more islands.

Communication Channel 

There are many languages out there that allow you to communicate effectively. Some include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Available Tour Services

As a visitor on this trip, you will likely get liability insurance and private transportation. Touring around will include all fees and taxes.

Departure and Return 

The bus service in Praia only takes passengers from a given list of hotels, with airport pickup available on request and for an extra fee.

Additional information about the tour 

· Upon booking, visitors should receive instant confirmation and details on their reservation.

· The trip is not recommended for those with back problems.

· This tour isn’t wheelchair accessible and, therefore, not the best choice for pregnant mothers either.

· Challenge yourself to experience another culture and get outside your comfort zone. The activity allows a maximum of 8 participants with a sturdy physical fitness level.

Necessary Items to Pack 

· Hiking shoes 

· Hat 

· Water 

· Sunscreen 

· Walking sticks 

2. A day tour on Fogo Island to discover the Volcano

If you want a taste of Fogo, make a day trip to Fogo island and tour Volcano- the bay’s biggest attraction. Go on a tour and explore the historic region at your leisure.

Any day spent at the peak of Fogo, standing at the height of 2,829 meters volcano, makes it impossible not to see how beautiful Cape Verde is.

The best part of the Fogo tour is visiting the national park with a giant caldera and seeing the lunar landscape. You can also see vines everywhere in the volcanic sand.

This trip offers you a multitude of curiosity, human encounters, and incredible wonder.

What to expect from this adventure

· Manecom wines, coffee from the mountains, and cheese are served with a delicious lunch in just seven hours.

· Departing from the airport, hotels for visitors, or Sao Filipe usually starts at 9:00 am every day.  

· If wheelchair access is unable to be provided, then it’s likely that this tour is not suitable for you. They allow up to 22 travelers and instant confirmation, so booking ahead is a must.

· Most people traveling with a child can participate in the tour. You may need infant seats or strollers for your children, but we can supply those ahead of time.

3. Trip to the Volcano to see the Natural Park and coffee plantations

A trip to Fogo Island is a remarkable and knowledgeably designated tour that educates visitors on the island’s history.  

If you are interested in plants, wines, and fish, then this island tour is tailor-made for you. It’s a knowledgeable experience that will give you a detailed insight into the island’s historical background.

Some travel operators there can offer you a one-day tour which includes a bilingual guide and wine tasting for passengers.

Departure and return 

Most agents do offer a free pickup of visitors from the Sao Filipe Airport, Fogo, Cape Verde, and Porto Vale dos Cavaleiros Port.

The top attraction on the tour 

· Visitors will encounter wine tasting, 

· Have a stop at the natural park on the island, 

· Stopover at the coffee plantation, 

· Trip to the natural pool 

Information on the tour 

· Once you book the trip, the operator confirms after that.

· Visitors with severe medical conditions like heart problems are not allowed. 

· It is stroller and wheelchair accessible 

· It has a nearby prominent public transportation 

· The private expedition allows only the individual group to participate  

4. Best of Fogo Island: Hiking & Discovery, 4 Days, 3 Nights

The active Volcano on Fogo island is captivating, with a stunning view from its highest point.

Visiting Cha das Caldeiras National Park, Salina’s natural pool, and coffee plantation is a marvel for visitors during the tour. 

The four-day and three-night tours by experienced tour operators there do offer hotel pickup and drop-off, local assistance, lunch, and breakfast, with custom and private arrival and departure. 

What to expect from the tour 

· The tour offers 3 nights of accommodation in a standard room category and all entrance fees and taxes. 

· As part of their service, they can provide a pickup service to ensure your tour starts on time.

· Travelers can enjoy a guided tour from Sao Filipe Airport, an exciting hike from Cha das Caldeiras to the coffee plantation, and Mosteiros for picturesque natural swimming.

· The tour is not wheelchair accessible and not recommended for pregnant women. It also does not allow visitors with heart problems or severe medical conditions.

5. Day Trip for Relaxation at the Natural Pool of Salinas (Nature and History of Fogo)

One good way to experience Fogo is by visiting the nature pool, learning about its history, and relaxing at the Salinas natural pools.

Imagine the contrasting landscapes and breathtaking natural sites of Fogo Island. Whether you’re looking for an escape with tranquility, fun, or adventure, we can assure you that your relaxing getaway will be a memorable experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure on Fogo, the natural pool formed by a lava flow from the volcano meeting with seawater is a must-see.

What to experience and expect 

· A stop at Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição São Filipe, a national cultural heritage with retained authenticity and colors. 

· The maximum of 22 travelers’ tours, and it is not wheelchair accessible.

· There are so many available options for infant seats and strollers.

· After booking, most travel agents will get you a confirmation.

Departure and return 

The 4 hours tour offers a choice of communication in English, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Pickup time is at 9 am or 2 pm from your hotel or the port of Sao Filipe.

6. Ascension of Volcano Grand Pico to Fogo

One of the many ways to explore Fogo is by ascending Volcano Grand Pico, and this excursion is perfect for explorers who are enthusiastic about mountains.

Adventurers usually visit Fogo Island with a local guide to experience total tranquility and enjoy the fantastic views.

The tour consists of climbing the Grand Pico Volcano at an elevation of 1000 meters with a qualified local guide.

The excursion and descent of the Volcano provide a lively and adrenaline-filled experience that vacationers should love.

Departure and return 

The departure route is from the town of Cha das Caldeiras and the hotel in Sao Filipe and returns to the original destination.

Experiences from the Tour

· Visitors can stop on a climb and take in the vast scenery. There is often the time for contemplation at these moments too. 

· Picture finishing a climb up the mountain of Pico and feeling extreme satisfaction.

· The vigorousness level in the mountain’s ascent decreases as you get closer to the top. The volcanic sand at this elevation is exceptionally light, with a strong air of excitement.

Fact about the tour 

· It’s not wheelchair accessible 

· If you have back problems, then please don’t travel

· Not ideal for pregnant travelers 

· Tourists willing to tour the spot must have a solid physical fitness 

· Travelers with severe medical conditions should avoid the tour 

· It permits a maximum of 22 travelers 

7. Trip to the Volcano Coffee Plantation

Here, you will learn about the beaches on the island and explore the beautiful landscape of Fogo’s volcano coffee plantation. The plantation is open to all vacationers.

The scenery in the village features the Volcano, attractive black sand beaches, coffee plantations, a natural swimming pool, and baobab plants.

The 8-hour tour offers you a free air-conditioned vehicle, and the driver will pick you up from the most conveniently located spot.

Departure point 

Tour guides can pick tourists up from several locations, including WFCW+GG7, Sao Filipe Airport, and Cape Filipe’s Port Vale Knights.

Language available 

The accepted language used during the expedition includes English, Spanish, and French. 

Attractive spot available at the tour 

A stop at Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceicao sao filipe, São Filipe, vulcão, plantação de café, salina, Mosteiros gives the visitors treasured memory. 

Good to know information about the tour 

· The spot is nearby public transportation 

· It’s not wheelchair accessible 

· Tourists with severe medical conditions are not allowed 

· Only a group can participate 

· Tourists receive confirmation immediately after booking 

8. Hike to the crater of petite Pico 2014, on the Volcano of Fogo

Hiking in Cha das Caldeiras crater consents vacationers to ascent the slight hollow formed from the 2014 volcanic eruption. 

The Little Pico is the youngest crater on the island, and climbing it is one of the ways a tourist can explore Fogo, Cape Verde.

Like most endemic plants and vines found in the Little Pico, lunar vegetation brings beautiful contrasting colors to the lunar landscape

Attraction at the Little Pico 

· Hiking Little Pico offers a festival of the senses, visual, and smell of sulfur 

· Tourists enjoy the silence in the vicinity with a touch of a breath of the wind. 

· Visitors also come in contact with the soil of rocks and lavas. 


Vacationers can converse with guides in English, Italian, Portuguese, and French during the pleasure trip. 


The departing point of this tour is from either Cha das Caldeiras or Sao Filipe by 9:00 am and returns to the original pickup point. 

Important information about the tour 

· The activity is not wheelchair accessible 

· It’s not proposed to pregnant travelers

· The excursion is not for tourists with a back problem 

· Adventurers with heart problems are not permitted.  

· It accommodates a maximum of 22 travelers.  

9. From São Filipe: 6-Hour Guided Tour to Fogo’s Active Volcano with Tasting

On this 6-hour guided tour to Fogo Island, tourists are usually in endless awe at the active Volcano on the island. 

During the tour, vacationers can stroll through the colonial buildings of Sao Filipe to get the desired view. 

The tour has many itineraries like the municipal museum, Salinas’s pool, and coffee plantation used for sightseeing and enjoyment. 

Attractions on the Tour

· National park ready for explorers 

· A mini sampling of delicacies in Cape Verde   

· Homemade cheese 

· Local wine tasting 

· Air-conditioned vehicle 

Information to note during the tour 

· The activity is not wheelchair accessible

· Infants must sit on laps 

· It permits a maximum of eight travelers 

· Visitors will receive confirmation at the time of booking 

· Most travelers can participate in the tour 

· Guiding service (French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese)

10. Stroll around Mosteiros 

Engaging in a leisurely walk at Mosteiros, the second largest town in Fogo, is one of the modes to explore the island.  

Mosteiros is a peaceful city with lots of fresh seafood and a port perfectly designed for tourists searching for a relaxing spot. 

Activity at the destination

Tourists’ main activities in exploring the island include taking a walk heading off to Mosteiros and enjoying some breathtaking views. 

11. Hiking Portela – 1995 Peak – 2014 Crater – Portela

Hiking Portela gives vacationers a spectacular walking adventure that they have never done before or in a long while. 

On this tour, it’s paramount to leave the Portela village on a noticeable path passing through the planted fruit trees and vines.   

The tourists on vacation get picked up from their accommodation and make tracks towards the dusty lapilli that appear to muffle sound and life.

Services on the Tour 

The hiking Portela excursion includes services like private transportation and liability insurance, with all fees and tourist taxes included.  


The means of communication during the tour ranges from English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Information for tourist 

· Tourists receive confirmation after booking 

· The tour is not wheelchair accessible 

· Visitors with heart problems are not allowed on the tour 

· It’s a private tour that allows the participation of a particular group 

· Most travelers without medical conditions can participate 

12. Cape Verde: Best trails of Santiago and Fogo islands

An eight-day tour that allows tourists to discover Santiago and Fogo island’s best trekking and hiking routes while the local guide assists.

There is room to adventure through volcanoes, green valleys, national parks, a natural pool, coffee plantations, and other UNESCO Heritage Sites. 

Obtainable services 

Some of the obtainable services that tourists enjoy for free during the tour include the following 

· Domestic flights

· All entrance fees 

· Hotel pickup and drop off 

· Dinner 

· A 6-days lunch and 7-day breakfast

· Everyday local assistance

· Private and custom arrival/departure airport transfers

Additional information on the tour 

Visitors receive confirmation after booking; unless booked nine days before travel, which takes 48 hours to deliver.

· The tour does not permit tourists with heart problems 

· It’s not wheelchair accessible.

· Every traveler must have a sturdy physical fitness level 

· It’s a tour that starts and ends in Praia 

· The excursion is not for people with a fear of heights 

· It permits a maximum of six travelers 

· Vacationers need to have a copy of their passport 

The tour meals include meat, fish, main dish, dessert, water, and, upon-request vegetarian food. 

Things to pack along  

· Hiking shoes

· Flip flops 

· Sandals

· Sunscreen

· Towel

· Comfortable shoes

· Swimwear

· Hat


Touring around Fogo is a memorable part of any holiday to Cape Verde. With so many ways, one can explore, fill the time, and enjoy the naturally beautiful places around the vicinity.

We have created twelve comprehensive itineraries to help tourists enjoy and explore full tours and excursions on the island. 

Before tourists can experience hiking, wine tasting, and trekking in Fogo, the to-do list must stand between you and your Fogo excursion guide. 

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