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15 Unravel Bujumbura Travel Ideas

Bujumbura is a buzzing city in Burundi, East Africa, comprising many historical landmarks and bustling markets for the best African shopping experience.

Formerly Usumbura, Bujumbura is the largest city of Burundi and the country’s principal port hosting thousands of visitors all year round.

Check out the unraveled Bujumbura travel destinations in our post, comprising the lists of the 15 best places to visit in the city. 

1. Living Museum of Bujumbura 

Among the destinations you’d find in every ‘best places to visit in Burundi during any season, it’s the Living Museum of Bujumbura, also known as “Musee Vivant.”

Hidden along Avenue du 13 Octobre, in Bujumbura, the museum serves a multi-usage and a renowned tourist center in Africa, founded in 1977.

It boasts a rich collection of artifacts, occupying three hectares (7.4 acres), and serves as a museum and a zoo preferred mainly by visitors.

As one of the public museums in Burundi, the museum is passionate about Burundi’s art and wildlife.

Tourists are bound to explore the treasures, old and modern crafts, birdhouses, and a herpetologic center at the spot.  

The Zoo Section 

The zoo, usually welcoming a good number of vacationers, hosts wide-ranging wildlife, including:

  • Crocodiles 
  • Leopards 
  • Monkeys 
  • Chimpanzees
  • Tortoises 
  • Guinea fowls 
  • Antelopes 
  • Domr snakes 
  • Fishes of diverse species 

Things to Do at the Mesum 

  • Explore wildlife and traditional houses within a measureless park. 
  • Visit enclosures with a chimpanzee, leopard, antelopes, terraria house banana green snakes, and compare different species of crocodiles. 
  • Spot the display of traditional tools in a thatched hut at the museum’s cultural section.
  • Taking photographs of past royalty and a chance to hold a snake and pet crocodiles is an experience worth observing. 

Best Time to Visit: Tourists can visit and explore at any time.

Nearby Landmarks: Intwari Stadium Living Museum

How to Get to the Museum

If you’re visiting from outside Burundi, take available transportation on arrival at Bujumbura International Airport direct to the spot.

2Hotel Club Lac du Tanganyika

Hotel Club Lac du Tanganyika, with spacious apartments and architecture great for families, is the largest hotel establishment in Burundi. 

The free wifi-filled hotel is a perfect travel idea in the city and the best place to explore with a camera in hand.

It offers numerous rooms for conferences meetings and equipped spaces for more significant events and cocktail parties. 

Things to Do

  • Viewing the garden
  • Sightseeing at the lake and the pool  
  • Beach tour on the banks of Lake Tanganyika. 
  • Breathtaking views of the lake
  • Exploring the semi-Olympic pool and interior garden in a sleek setting.

Facilities available 

The fitted facilities in the hotel include a tennis court, bar, hairdryer, toiletries, beachfront, fitness center, pools, and free parking slot. 

Location: Chaussee D’Uvira Bujumbura BP 6573 Bujumbura, Burundi.

3Central Market 

As said earlier, Bujumbura has large markets hence offering the best African shopping experience.

You probably do not know how big the central market is until you visit the institution in Bujumbura Mairie Province, Burundi.

The country’s largest, the Central Market, has various sections ranging from shops selling secondhand clothing to fresh produce stores.

It’s an attractive place to poke around, with its maze-like corridors and closet-sized stalls, serving a spot where goods are bought and sold at usual intervals. 


  • Souvenir shops selling enviable gift ideas, DIY gifts, homemade gifts, etc. 
  • With its distinctive art-deco, the market attracts visitors with its numerous closet-sized stalls, colored fabrics, crafts, maze-like corridors, etc.  

Location: Near the Ministry of Public Health and Hospital, Rue Pierre Ngendandumwe, Bujumbura.

4. Rusizi National Park 

Renowned as Burundi’s largest nature reserve and the most beautiful tourist attraction in Bujumbura, Rusizi National Park is a top tourist place you must visit with your partner or family.

It features several exciting things that marvel locals and guests alike, existing as one of the enchanting places to see in the city.

It’s the most outstanding national park in Burundi and the most visited reserve due to the enriched wildlife on the spot. 

Rusizi, a significant national park in Africa, is specially designated for tourism, nature, and wildlife. 

Also known as Parc National de la Rusizi, it comprises two areas housing acacia trees, grasslands, and shrubs. 

Things to Do;

  • Watching distinctive species of flora and fauna. 
  • Enjoy bird watching. 
  • Wildlife viewing at the park includes antelopes, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and monkeys. 
  • Get your gams on at game drives and nature walks
  • Boat riding and picnics at the specially protected area is available for vacationers 

When to visit the park 

While planning a safari holiday to the Rusizi National Park, it’s advisable to visit during the dry season (June–September), so you can enjoy attractions in the park.  

Location: Chaussée d’Uvira Bujumbura, Burundi

5Mount Heha 

In the Bujumbura rural province of Burundi, Mount Heha is the mountain with the highest point in the city’s highlands. 

Standing 2,760 meters, this largest mountain in the country lies 30 km southeast of Bujumbura and 20 km to the east of Lake Tanganyika. 

The high forested hill, with good trails to the summit, gives visitors views of Lake Tanganyika. 

Things to Do

  • Indulge in cycle touring, rock climbing, and trekking on the lower part of the mountain’s park.
  • Mountaineering, mushroom hunting, horse trekking, etc

6. Monument de l’Unite

Built as a symbol of reconciliation, Monument de l’Unite serves as a historical and architectural site in Burundi. 

Built after several years of aggression between Tutsi and Hutu, the monument stands as a reminder of the history of Burundi.

The landmark, offering tourists views of the city and the northern part of Lake Tanganyika, is a center stage for vacationers. 

Location: J94Q+R94, Bujumbura, Burundi. 

Things to Do at Monument de l’Unite

Monument de l’Unite is a popular place for photographs, sightseeing, and hosting events like weddings. 

7. Regina Mundi Cathedral

Driving down Boulevard Patrick Lumumba, Rohero, Bujumbura, Burundi, you will stumble on the oldest yet spacious religious site in Bujumbura.

With altar and glasswork beautification, the significant landmark is the cathedral of the Queen of the world. 

The cathedral created by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 serves as the headquarters of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bujumbura. 

Today the cathedral, a popular tourist attraction for sightseeing in Bujumbura, serves as a busy tourist destination for visitors from across the globe.

Sights to Behold at the cathedral 

  • Combination of simple and functional architectural adornments
  • Spend time at the richly decorated altar
  • Incredible stained glass artwork adornments on the windows.   

8. Mausolee du Prince Louis Rwagasore

The Mausolee du Prince Louis Rwagasore in Mont Vugizo, Bujumbura, Burundi, symbolizes the spirit of fighting for beliefs and inspires the crowd. 

Mausolee du Prince Louis Rwagasore serves as the resting place of Louis Rwagasore, Burundi’s 20th-century leader and monarch. 

The engraved (unite, work, and progress) grave is recently a memorial and the start of an adventure in Bujumbura.   

The monument standing at the outskirts of a calm and residential area is of sober design marked with colors of the national flag.

Attractions at the site 

The Mausolee du Prince Louis, a point of interest and landmark, attracts visitors with its beautified and picturesque environment.

9. Karera Beach

If you’re a tourist visitor who can’t imagine a holiday without a beach, Karera Beach Hotel located at R.N.4, Bujumbura, Burundi, is a perfect leisure treat.

Karera Beach, one of the most lovely spots in the city, holds a hotel, swimming pool, bar, and outdoor pool. 

The beach overlooking Lake Tanganyika features a lot of beach accommodation convenient for guest tourists.  

Things to Do;

  • Explore a handful of land sports facilities like beach volleyball, tennis, and games for children. 
  • Enjoy other amenities on the beach: space for reception, conference room, buffets, and banquets.  

Attraction at the beach 

Karera beach comes with the opportunity for guests to unwind at the bar, taste exotic drinks, and enjoy fine dining from the superb menu.

Availabilities for Visitors

Karera beach has provision for family-friendly rooms, wifi, flat-screen TV, air conditioner, mini bar, blue beach, and tea-making facility. 

10. Geological Museum of Burundi 

Of all the top tourist attractions in Bujumbura, the Geological Museum of Burundi is the only one exhibiting an authentic history with many educative things. 

The Geological Museum of Burundi is a science museum situated at J8PW+2QR, Bujumbura, Burundi. 

Things to Do at the Museum 

The only activity available at this site is admiring the materials in the museum and investing in experiences. 

11. Ciné Caméo

Ciné Caméo is one of Burundi’s points of interest, a historic music theater with modern facilities situated close to Rohero, Bujumbura. 

Also known as Cinema Cine Cameo, Ciné Caméo is an entertainment center widely known since time memorial. 

The cinema, dubbed one of the oldest and most beloved destinations, has retained flourishing decoration and beautiful architecture.

Things to Do 

  • Savoring the great atmosphere and gorgeous place with cheap tickets. 

12. Université de Burundi

Université de Burundi comprising eight faculties and five institutions, is one of the tourist attractions in Bujumbura. 

The university, located in Boulevard Mwezi Gisabo, Bujumbura, has recreation, tours, outdoor, nightlife, and shopping ready for vacationers.

Activities near the University

  • A walking tour around the beautiful architecture of the only university in Burundi is a top-notch experience.  
  • Tourist viewing the independence monument that reminisces on the hard times in Burundi is another activity worth engaging at the university.  
  • Nightlife and shopping in the massive university is an activity tourists will gladly enjoy 

13. Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium

Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in J98F+J8M, Bujumbura, Burundi, holds 22,000 visitors. 

The Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium used for football matches is recently known as Intwari Stadium.  

The ground, which bears the name of the former prime minister and hero of Burundi, Loius Rwagasore, is one of the leading stadiums in the country.  

Activities at the stadium 

The attention-grabbing activities at the Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium include football, athletics, and field events. 

14. LE Grand Séminaire

Located in J937+WMG, Bujumbura, Burundi, Grand séminaire de Montréal is another travel destination suitable for sightseeing due to its unusual design. 

It’s a diocesan seminary school in the capital city of Burundi, standing at an elevation of 815 meters above sea level.

Attraction at the building 

The school is incredible with its aesthetic presentation and a massive structure with a decorated interior.

15. Saga Beach

If you are a thriller seeker, Saga Beach is a destination you must not miss while in Bujumbura.

It is a broad white sandy beach offering tourists an energetic atmosphere and calm lake water. 

The beach located in R.N.4, Bujumbura, Burundi, holds several trees serving as a shelter from the sun. 

It’s a kid and adult-friendly beach, safe for swimming with numerous side attractions like bars and restaurants. 

Top Tourist Activities

Some of the exciting activities ready for visitors at the Saga beach include the following:

  • Swimming 
  • Bars 
  • Restaurant 
  • Quiet spot for relaxation 
  • Musical stand 

Things to Do

Visitors at the beach are bound to devour the charming abode, enjoy the peace of the place, the beauty of the view, and quality food. 


While there are many places to visit in this city, these few selected ones are beautiful and equally impressive. 

With so much to explore in Bujumbura at all times, each season is best for a visit.

Whether you are visiting Burundi for a beach holiday, family vacation, anniversary, honeymoon, or want to explore the wildlife, Bujumbura has got it all that would make your holiday worthwhile.

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