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12 Horse Riding Trips in Africa: Countries Where the Adventure is Obtainable

If you have not taken a ranch vacation or experienced a horseback trail ride, consider going to Africa. You’ll gain the opportunity to connect to the natural world around you and light up your mind with horseback riding. 

There are myriads of ranches, riding stables, and trail rides on offer in Africa, which creates awareness of the surroundings as you travel at a slower pace in the open air.

Thankfully, horse riding holiday adventure is obtainable in different African countries. 

Riding on horseback in the countries listed below will deliver memories full of adventures way beyond your wildest dreams. Read more to discover the Horse riding trips in Africa.

1. Horseback Riding Tour – South Africa 

South Africa is one of the African countries that one can go to for outdoor adventures, with horse riding a popular activity in the country.

With hundreds of private reserves, 21 National Parks, and several open borders to other countries’ national parks, South Africa hordes an excellent game viewing in all seasons and destinations.

South Africans and their residents begin climbing horses from a young age to learn how to jump and ride until it becomes their second nature.

Top horseback riding safaris in South Africa

  • Gansbaai & Pearly Beach Horse Trails 

Gansbaai and Pearly Beach Horse Trailsalso called ‘horse village,’ are among the top places in South Africa for horse riding trips.

It’s an excellent location while considering horse riding trips, with the availability of about two self-catering cottages to riders and tourists.

It also makes available restaurants and shops, Kleinbaai for shark cage diving and boat cruises.

Horseback riders in this area will enjoy the beautiful undefined beach of Pearly Beach.

Location: Portion 1, Farm 321, Kleyn Hagel Kraal, Pearly Beach, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa

  • Heaven and Earth Trails

Another horse riding safari in South Africa is Heaven and Earth Trials which gives tourists an avenue to behold the picturesque mountain of the valley of Hemel together with Aarde. 

Close to the Hermanus valley, one gets to see the Heaven and Earth Horse Trail rides.

There are varieties of horseback riding adventures to explore at this location. Good to know that one can rent a self-catering cottage while on an adventure holiday.

You can also take a slow gaited walk and other trails to have a scenic view of the mountain. 

  • Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Hog Hollow Horse Trails is another top horse trip destination that offers a comfortable horse-drawn carriage and a chance to perceive the fragrance of beautiful fynbos and ferns.

It permits visitors to feel the sunshine around the area.

Other breathtaking horse riding safaris in South Africa are;

  • Bhangazi Horse Safaris
  • Botlierskop Private Game Reserve
  • Hogsback Adventures
  • Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve
  • Harties Horse Trail Safaris

Best time for Horse riding trip in South Africa

There is no stipulated time for a horse riding trip in South Africa, but exploring the adventure during summer is best.

The prize of Horse riding class in South Africa

The average cost for horseback riding class ranges from R200-R350 per session for an hour. 

2. Horseback Riding Trip in Nigeria

Nigeria is among the African countries one can go to for horseback riding adventures in the western part of the continent.

It offers the best way to escape on horseback while riding with only the wildlife and remembering that the wilderness in Africa is genuinely wild and free.

Top Spots for Horseback Riding in Nigeria 

  • Ikeja Saddle Club

Ikeja Saddle Club is a destination for horseback riding trips in Nigeria, situated 25 kilometers from the center of Lagos, occupying about 8 hectares of land.

Visitors to this place have the chance to relax and enjoy the fascinating environment.

  • Abuja Horse and Country Club

The Abuja Horse and Country Club is another top horse riding spot where horse riding enthusiasts can tour. 

The area is a horse club associated with Julius Berger and situated in Abuja in Nigeria.

  • Best Horseback Riding Tours in Nigeria
  • Fifth Chukker Polo and Resort
  • Samap Travels & Tours LTD
  • 9xplorer Tourism Link
  • Voyageback
  • Tour2Nigeria

Best time to visit Nigeria for horse riding

The best time for horse riding in Nigeria is November – January, which is the dry season.

3. Horse Riding TripGhana 

Ghana is another African country where horseback riding adventure is obtainable. 

The environment offers horseback riding safaris that give tourists the momentum not to go home again.

Top spots for horse riding trip in Ghana 

  • The Green Ranch

You can locate the venue in Abrodwum’s new site between Abrodwum and Abaase Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana.

It gives riders a chance to embark on a big Loop trip around the lake and provide horseback riding expeditions in the lush area.

The green ranch welcomes visitors and horseback riding lovers and offers exciting horse rides. 

Visitors enjoy their great vegetarian from their menu options at the available restaurants in this location.

Best Horseback Riding Tours in Ghana

  • Happy Eagle Tourism Management
  • Ghana City Tours
  • ProTour Africa

Best time to visit Ghana for Horse riding

The best time for horseback riding safaris in Ghana is October to April. During this period, humidity and precipitation are at their lowest, making the environment suitable for horse riding.

4. Horse Riding Trip – Kenya 

Horse riding adventure is also obtainable in Kenya. The country has succeeded in bringing people from all works of life to visit for horse riding.

Kenya is the first country that brought the idea of horse safaris to Africa. Till date, it offers various tours that combine incredible safaris and games from the back of a horse while avoiding minivans full of tourists. 

Tourists who come for horse riding can witness the large wildlife, migrating zebra, and wildebeest while on horseback.

Spots for Horse Riding Holidays in Kenya

  • Bellafrica Journeys – Horse Riding Safari

It is a perfect location for horse riding destinations in Africa, and Bellafrica Journeys offers the best riding in Kenya.

It also gives unbeatable views, gorgeous horses, and a magnitude of the game you have imagined.

Bellafrica Journeys Horse Riding Safari has well-trained and looked-after horses for truly thrilling and utterly luxurious riding tours. 

Tourists have the opportunity to spot a variety of animals and even the giraffes walking by the premises.

  • Namib Desert Trail 

Also, at the Namib Desert, it’s just you, the wildlife, and your horse, another location for horse riding in Kenya, situated on the south-western coast of the African continent. 

Visitors gain the opportunity to explore the unrivaled open spaces and spectacular landscapes of the desert. 

Also, from the tour, you will get a chance to cross the oldest desert in the world on horseback.

While visiting this destination, you should know that you will experience a true adventure, so expect long days and extended spells of fast riding.

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve

Going to Maasai Mara National Reserve for a horseback riding safaris allows you to view the vast herds of games that migrate annually.

It lies in the southwest of Kenya; it covers about 1,510 square km (583 square miles) as one of the world’s outstanding game reserves, offering a perfect experience of riding amongst the wildlife.

  • Laikipia, Kenya

Laikipia, Kenya, is also a perfect destination for a horse riding trip in Africa, providing the opportunity to combine the wonders and adventure of riding a horse in the African bushes with the views of encountering game. 

Laikipia lies on the equator in the former Rift Valley Province in Kenya.

  • What to benefit in Laikipia 

Visitors to this spot have the opportunity of getting beautiful lodges and numerous bush meals. 

– Fabulous scenery

– Delicious food

– Excellent accommodation

The Horse riding safaris in Laikipia

– Sosian Lodge – 4 nights total

– Suyian Soul – 1 night

– Kiboko Star-beds – 1 night

– Laikipia Wilderness Camp – 1 night

  • Other activities you can engage yourself in Laikipia 

Other sporting activities one can do in Laikipia apart from horse riding are

– Day and night game drives

– Fishing

– Fly camping

– Walking

– Camel treks

– Waterfalls

– Kayaking 

– Swimming

– Cattle ranching on the Sosian ranch

Thrilling horseback riding safaris in Kenya

– Natures Wonderland Safaris

– Oltepesi Tours and Travel Ltd

– Divulge Adventures

– Besh African Adventures

– Kenia Tours & Safaris Ltd

– Apex Photo Safaris

– Kwezi Safaris Ltd

Best time to visit Kenya for a horse riding trip 

The dry season makes the best time to visit Kenya for horseback riding safaris – July through September.  

Other places in Kenya where one can go for a Horse riding trip

– Ngong Racecourse

– Kitisuru 

– Tigoni 

– Equestrian Centre

– Xina

– Karen

– New Muthaiga

5. Horse Riding Tour – Tanzania

Tanzania is an excellent location stably, peaceful for horse riding situated in East Africa’s great lakes region, with Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti making the top spots.

The country offers exclusive horseback riding safaris and luxurious accommodation for tourists who visit for adventures.

Horse riding safaris in Tanzania 

  • Kaskazi Horse Safaris

Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback safari situated in the Northern part of Tanzania.

Right on horseback, you will stand a chance to enjoy a smooth tour on deep bushes in Kaskazi Horse Safaris.

Also, there is room for people with little riding experience to explore a gentle hack along dusty tracks where wildebeest and antelopes graze.

Kaskazi has experienced tour guides that will assist while you enjoy the meandering paths, and in that process, you will have a chance to spot a rich array of wildlife along the way.

  • Spirit Horse Farm

Spirit Horse Farm Tanzania also offers breathtaking rides you anticipate, with indoor and outdoor equine boarding and related services available.

They have guides committed to providing safe assistance to visitors.

Also, they ensure a healthy, safe, and secure ride for all their visitors.

Other horse riding safaris in Tanzania include:

– Combo Safaris

– Gamose Adventure & Safaris

– Antique Tours and Safaris

– Zuri Tours and Safaris

– Arusha National Park 

– West-Kilimanjaro 

– South Amboseli

Best time to visit Tanzania for a horseback riding trip

To enjoy your horse riding safari at its best in Tanzania, the best time to visit there is between June and October.

Visiting at that time gives you the advantage of superb riding holidays in Tanzania. 

6. Zimbabwe Horse Riding Trip

Zimbabwe today is one of the friendly and most exciting places to visit in Africa with loads of adventures, including destinations of horseback riding.

From the spectacular views of the Victoria Falls, game viewing, pristine wilderness, Zimbabwe makes a home to one of the most sights on the planet while on the back of the horse.

Riding horse in Zimbabwe is the best way to spot the beautiful landscapes and get close to the wildlife in a quiet, natural, and unobtrusive environment.

Horse Riding Safaris in Zimbabwe

  • Horseback safari in the heart of Hwange 

Embarking on a horse riding trip in Hwange is the best experience you ought not to miss. 

It’s among the best spot for horseback riding in Africa, offering outstanding experiences and uncovering a way to learn the country’s wilderness and wildlife secrets.

It gives you the excellent opportunity to ride on professional safari horses with a guide by some seasoned horse riding enthusiasts.

  •  Victoria Falls horse riding safaris

The Victoria Falls offers a horseback ride through scenic African Bushveld with bird watching.

You can stand a chance to spot rear wildlife while enjoying the spectacular sight of the scenery.

At this location, children can ride in ponies, and the offers include half-hour children’s Pony rides, two-hour trails, and half-day out rides. 

Other horseback riding tours and safari trips in Zimbabwe include;

  • Adrenaline & Extreme Tours
  • Pride Africa Safaris
  • Wild back Adventure
  • Polo Tours Bushman Rock Zimbabwe
  • Horse Riding Working Holiday Zimbabwe
  • Botswana & Victoria Falls Combination Safari

Best time for Horse riding trip in Zimbabwe

While considering the cool months to go for horseback riding trips in Zimbabwe, June to August is the right time.

Also if you want to go during the summer months, October to March are the best time.

7. Horse Riding Trip in Botswana

As a big game country, Botswana makes a good destination for a magical horseback safari. 

Going for horseback riding at Botswana reserves gives you the chance to explore the country’s wilderness.

The country has its charm and significant features that attract horse riding enthusiasts, offering an exhilarating experience like the explorers of centuries past.

Spots for Horse riding trip in Botswana

  • Okavango Delta Horse riding safaris

The location is one of Botswana’s best places for horseback riding safari.

Right at the back of your horse, you get to view the tall grass and spectacular wildlife like hyenas, giraffes, elephants, antelope, buffalo, wild dogs, hyenas, lions, and zebras.

Things to know about Okavango Delta for a horse riding tour

Open time: They open every year

Duration of the night to spend: You can spend a minimum of 3 nights there.

Group Size: Maximum of 8 people.

  • Horse riding safaris in Tuli Block

Tuli Block, situated in the eastern boundary of Botswana, bordering the middle of Zimbabwe to the north, and South Africa to the southern part, is a good horse riding spot in Africa. 

The Tuli Game Reserve, also known as the “Land of Giants,” is a highly protected Horse riding trip and all other types of tourism.

The area is known for its captivating wildlife. Often people see it as home to a variety of wildlife species.

Some of the wildlife you can spot here while riding on the horse include lions, cheetah, leopards, large herds of elephants, zebra, wildebeests, giraffes, and different species of birds.

  • African Horseback Safaris, Macatoo Camp

Another horseback riding safari destination in Bostwana is Macatoo Camp, situated at Plot 1447, Sedia Ward, Maun, Botswana.

It offers regular hours of riding per day are five times, with the weight limit for a horse at this location being 95kg/ 210 lbs / 15 tones.

Other things to know about horseback riding at Macatoo Camp

The number of riders per group: the maximum number of persons per group is ten and has 16 camps.

The planning routes available: They have two itineraries available there.

Another place to go for a horse riding safari in Botswana is the Kalahari camp.

8. Horse Tiding Trips in Morocco

Morocco is another destination that offers a thrilling experience for horse riding, with an opportunity to explore the country’s desert, beaches, mountains – or any combination on horseback.

Going for a horse riding holiday in Morocco makes a great deal of sense for single riders, couples, families, and groups. 

One also gets the chance to explore and cruise around the incredible ancient city of Marrakesh for a few days. 

Top Horse Riding Holidays in Morocco

  • 8-day All-inclusive Ranch Equestrian Activities with Yoga Holiday in Agadir
  • 8-day Morocco Tafraout Horse Riding Holiday 
  • 8-days Desert Trail Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco
  • 8-day Beaches and Palm Groves of the Great Moroccan South Horse Riding Holiday
  • 8-day Paradise Valley and South Desert Horse Riding Tour in the High Atlas Mountains
  • 8-day Argan Horse Riding Holiday in Essaouira
  • 8-day Knights of Essaouira Horse Riding Holiday 
  • 8-day Essaouira Berber Trail Horse Riding Holiday

Top spots for horse riding holidays in Morocco

  • Agadir Horse Riding Holiday

Agadir in Morocco is one of the destinations for horse riding in Africa. Visitors will enjoy and cruise the environment, which has the largest seaside resort in Morocco.

While riding your horse riding in Agadir, you get to enjoy the sight of the Souss River, the Eucalyptus Forest on horseback, also discover the beauty of their mountains.

Additionally, you will feel the sway of the gentle animals accompanied by an experienced guide as you go through the Souss River and along with the royal palace.

The Best Horseback Riding in Agadir 

– Agadir Day Trip to Paradise Valley

– Agadir Day trip to Marrakech

– Agadir Half-Day Tour

– Dune Buggies

Agadir Horse Riding Tours

  • Agadir City Half-Day – Guided Tour 
  • Agadir 2-hour private Horse Riding Experience with Pickup
  • National Park of Souss half-day trip from Agadir
  • Paradise valley excursion trip 2 hours to the natural area of Agadir city 
  • Excursion to the paradise valley from Agadir
  • The activities to engage yourself while going Horse riding in Agadir
  • Half-day Horseback riding in Aourir with Berber meal
  • Horse riding at the beachside with Hammam and massage
  • Half-day Agadir small-group Quad biking 
  • Equi Evasion

Equi Evasion is another place for horse riding trips in Morocco, located in the Diabat, Essaouira 44000.

Visitors can explore treks and rides on a horse and other kinds of horse riding safaris at this location. 

One gets to discover Morocco’s beautiful landscapes, beaches, dunes, and forests while resting on horseback at Equi Evasion.  

Best time to visit Morocco

The best time to go on a horse riding trip in Morocco is during summer, around mid-September to October.

Other horse riding destinations in Morocco 

– Essaouira

– Essaouira Province

– Marrakesh-Safi

– Souss-Massa

– Diabat

– Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane

– Tiznit

– Sidi Kaouki

9. Horse Riding Trips in Ethiopia 

Consider going to Ethiopia for a horse riding trip because they boast an enormous horse population in Africa. 

One gets to ride there on many mountains surrounding the country’s capital.

Spots for Horse riding in Ethiopia 

  • Horse riding in Ethiopian Highlands 

Horse riding in Ethiopian highlands is one of the memorable experiences to go home with.

Things to have in mind while going for horse riding at Ethiopia Highlands

Trip Length: you have to expect 14days, 13nights, and 8days of horse riding.

Approximate riding time per day: The maximum hours of riding per day is between 4 to 7 hours

Meeting point: The meeting points are in Addis Ababa for those visiting the location. 

Riding skills: The riding skills necessary in this area are walking, trot, and canter.

The number of groups needed: The group size ranges from 6 to 10, the commonly accepted range.

Best time to visit Ethiopia for horse riding trips

The best time to visit Ethiopia is around October and June, and at this time, the temperature is usually favorable. 

10. Horse Riding Trips in Mozambique

Mozambique is also the best when it comes to horse riding trips.

Riding horse in Mozambique gives one the experience of beach safari.

While exploring a horse riding holiday in Mozambique, one can view the exciting beaches and the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Right at the back of your horse, you will see the sight of ocean wildlife in their natural habitat, also watching birds swoop, dive and catch glimpses of dolphins and turtles.

Accommodation is not an issue because several resort accommodations with friendly treatments are available. 

Mozambique top horseback riding

  • Mozambique Horse Safari

Horseback riding holiday with Mozambique Horse Safari offers an exhilarating experience on the extensive beaches of white sand and blue coral lagoons on the Mozambican coast.

Tourists in the area get to see newly born foals, morango, and foals that have grown into the matriarch of their herd.

After exploring the Mozambique horse safari, you’ll return with deep bonds formed between horse and rider.

  • Pegasus retreats 

Pegasus retreats offer luxurious horseback riding safaris across untouched beautiful locations across Mozambique.

You will start the beach ride with a swimming opportunity followed by wildlife viewing on horseback in this kind of ride.

Horses are readily available to wait for tourists at the beach, where they can spend 2 hours or more in the saddle.

Other Mozambique horseback riding

– Cavalheiros do Tofo

– Tiago Travel and Tours

– Vibe experience Mozambique

– Mozambique horse Safar

– Standard beach and bush ride

– Vibe experience Mozambique

– Horse Ride Ocean Walk in Vilankulos, Mozambique

Best time to go for horse riding in Mozambique 

The best time for a horse riding trip in Mozambique is April to November. 

11. Namibia Horse Riding Trips

Namibia is an excellent destination in Africa for horse riding trips, offering one of the horse ride experiences one ought not to miss.

Things to know about horse riding in Namibia

Days to spend on the trip: The total days on a horse riding trip in this area are 11 days and ten nights.

The number of times to ride a horse per day: You should expect to ride a horse 4 to 7 hours per day.

Standard group size: About 5 to 12 riders make one group size.

Spots for horse riding trips in Namibia

  • Namib Desert Trail

The wild nature of the Namibian landscape makes it very nice for a horseback riding trip.

Namib desert trial is one of the most beautiful places on the planet for horseback riding safaris in Africa. 

You will get a thrilling experience from both the pace and distance of the ride and the wildlife encounter at this spot.

  • Damara Elephant Trail

The area is a spectacular part of the country, offering quality horse riding adventures.

In Damara, one will experience most desert habitat animals such as the elephant, giraffe, rhino, and the rest.

  • Fish River Canyon to Orange River

From a combo of dramatic canyon landscapes and desert planes, Fish River Canyon and the mighty Orange River offer the opportunity to explore the dramatic rocky canyons and view herds of wild horses.

Horse riders in this location enjoy fast riding without limitations while reaching out to the countryside and natural wilderness areas.

Other places for horse riding in Namibia

– Equatorials Namibia

– Okakambe Trails

– Private Game Lodge

– Fish River Canyon to Orange River

12. Horse Riding in Egypt

As a major tourist destination in Africa and home to the Arab horse (most ancient recognized horse breed), Egypt has a gem and beautifully looked-after horses for memorable riding safaris.

Horseback rising is undoubtedly the only way to understand this country. 

The good news is that the horse riding enthusiasts will discover the rich history of Pharaohs, pyramids, and historic Egypt’s relics while on horseback. 

Egypt horse riding spots

  • Hurghada desert horseback riding

Hurghada desert, situated in the red sea Governorate of Egypt, makes a good destination for horseback riding.

One will see the spectacular scenery of the eastern desert and all life-enhancing experiences.

You will experience a desert for a sunset ride at this spot, a peaceful and serene environment for riding.

Horse riding safaris in Hurghada 

– Two hours Horse riding at amazing desert and sea – Hurghada

– Horse riding 3 hours (Beach, Desert, Swimming By Horse) – Hurghada

– Dolphin House and banana boat fun from Hurghada

– 2 hours Horse riding, one-hour riding on the sea, and one hour in the desert- Hurghada.

Things to know about the Horse riding in the Hurghada desert 

There are horses for all levels, ranging from complete beginners to professional riders.

Also, in normal circumstances, trips to Hurghada last from one to two hours.

Other destinations for horse riding in Egypt

– Cario Governorate

– West Bank

– The Great Pyramid of Giza

– Dahab

– Sharm El Sheikh

Which country is best for horse riding?

The best countries for horse riding are

– Italy

– Botswana

– France

– Argentina

– The USA

– Spain

– Portugal

– Wales

– Ireland

– Mongolia

– Australia

Which country is famous for safaris on horses in Africa?

The famous country for horse safaris in Africa is Botswana.

Are there horses in safari?

Yes, there are horses in safari, with professional operators in Kenya, Botswana, and Tanzanian offering a string of top-quality horses to suit experienced riders. 

Also, these rides take you into most of the game ranch areas of Kenya, Botswana, and Tanzania.

Are African horse safaris safe?

The truth remains that no safaris are hindered percent safe, but the risk is minimal because there is an expert who will guide you, and there are exceptional horses kept aside for the journey.

Also, on a rear occasion, during horse riding, one may encounter predators while out riding, but they are very rear.

Final words

The above countries make your top bucket list for many levels of horse riding, from beginners to advanced riding in Africa. 

Whether you’re clip-clopping through an old-growth forest, trotting on a well-worn trail up, or galloping over verdant rolling hills, you are sure to experience warm feelings.

While traveling on Africa paths right on horseback, you will experience an assortment of birdsongs, spot tiny critters scurrying across the natural floor.

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