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7 Cool Features That Make New Samsung Galaxy S22 Super Stunning

There are speculations about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 around January 2022. The gadget will have the following lineups; Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra, and S22+.

Presently, there is no official declaration on the device, but rumors are extreme about the phone’s many features.

You will find here the seven cool features that make the new Samsung Galaxy S22 super stunning.

1. High-Resolution Cameras

Just recently, on Twitter, the famous @UniverseIce disclosed the possible features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera.

The phone will come with four cameras, with the camera having an enhanced version 108 megapixels HM3 sensor of 1/1.33 inches. It will also have 85 degrees field of view (FOV), an aperture of f1.8, and a pixel density of 0.8um.

The second camera with the wide-angle lens will have an f/2.2 aperture, 1.4um pixel density, 12MP of 0.6 times Sony sensor, 120 degrees field of view (FOV), and 1/2.55 inches sensor size.

The other two telephoto lenses both have 10 megapixels, 1.2um pixel density, and 1/3.52 inches sensor. While one has ten times the Sony sensor and 11 degrees field of view, the other has three times Sony Sensor and 36 degrees field of view.

2. High Battery Capacity

We should expect that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be of a non-removable 5000mAh, according to @UniverseIce.

Speculations are already circulating that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a battery capacity of 4600mAh while the Samsung Galaxy S22+ will have a 4500mAh. Generally, the rumors about the battery span from 3800mAh to 5000mAh.

3. Quick Wireless Charging

According to @UniverseIce, Samsung Galaxy S22 will adopt a battery that is a 45Watt fast wireless charge.

Leaker FrontTron, however, speculates that the battery will come with a 65Watt fast charging. We should also expect that it will charge without wires.

4. Superb Display

The display size will be more petite and slimmer, from 6.0 to 6.5 inches, than the already released S21.

According to Galaxy Club, there are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be green, white, rose gold, and black. Others have it that it will come in red and green.

5. Unique Design

The camera covering will likely be prominent in the frame in all the Samsung Galaxy S22 phones series, and S22 Ultra will probably have an S Pen support.

We look forward to seeing a plastic back cover instead of glass like the previous version S21. We also expect the Smartphone to be waterproof and come with USB-C features.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series will possibly be of a better design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

6. Modern Connectivity

Also, there are speculations that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 will have 5G connectivity, and the idea aligns with the latest 5G trend that all recent mobile phone companies have adopted.

7. Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S22 series will have about 500Gigabyte storage space and a wireless charge feature.

The proposed RAM is 8GB. We also anticipate that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will come with AMD hardware with Android 12.

Others speculate that the Smartphone will have a processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon, which would launch in December as Snapdragon 898.

What are some cool Samsung features?

Samsung produces all their phones with absolute consideration for their users ensuring that all the features are top-notch.
Some of the cool features of the phone include;
• Dark mode
• Cool gestures
• Advanced apps notification features
• One-handed mode
• Separate call vibration outlines
• Diverse customization

Will the S22 have expandable memory?

Though we expect that by January 2022 Samsung will launch the S22 series, we also expect it has expandable memories of about 12GB ROM.
When did S22 come out?

Samsung is yet to release S22 but it is likely to come out in early 2022 at least by January.


Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be competing with iPhone 13 in terms of its numerous outstanding features.

Various leaks reveal that it will be flatter, has four high-resolution cameras, is 5G compatible, fast wireless charging, among other unique features.

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