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15 Africa Most Interesting TV Programs

Many fascinating TV programs in African TV series can put a smile on your face and lighten up your mood.

These African television programs range from reality shows, comedies, and many others you need to see.

The exciting part of these TV programs is that they are shown during leisure hours when people most have been back from all their works and daily activities.

1. Scandal, South African

Scandal is a South African TV soap opera; it is an exciting drama. 

The drama is a soap opera formerly known as “the Voice” produced by ochre. 

The TV show is broadcast all over the African continent on different channels such as e.tv Botswana and e.tv Ghana feed. It started on January 3rd, 2005. 

Its official site is ETV on the network services on South Africa TV, and it uses the English language in the whole drama show. It has 289 episodes.

 The drama has won 12 awards, and 29 nominations and its central message dwell on personal need of those in various ranks. 

The drama tells a story of socio-economic dividends set in a local township of Soweto, and the Johannes buy suburb Newtown, where the NFH magazine is based while they look at the personal need of those in the higher rank and how they exploit those in grass root.

2. Shuga (MTV), Nigeria

Shuga is a TV drama series that kicks off in Kenya in November 2009; the drama series has eight seasons and 57 episodes.

 The first and second season’s starts in Kenya, while the season 3,4,6,8 takes off in Nigeria and the 5, 7 in South Africa.

It has several writers; Amanda Lane wrote the first season. In contrast, the head writer for season 2 is Kemi Adesoye, and finally, Tunde Aladese completes the season from season 3 to season 8. 

Shuga TV drama series is shown in 40 African countries and later aired internationally on 70 television stations. 

This TV drama receives a gold award at the world media festival in Humburg.

The Shuga series came to Nigeria in 2013; the subsequent season and the newest version is “Shuga Naija,” dubbed. 

People love this TV station because it uses drama to educate the audience on relationship issues, gender-based violence, and many other exciting things happing in society.

3. Date Rush, Ghana

Date Rush is a reality TV show which centers on match-making with significant interest in the youth, especially the Ghanaian youth.

Ayerkie Narnor produced date Rush. It shows on Tv3 on the Ghanaian TV station.

The program is shown every Sunday by 8 pm, and as of now, the TV series is currently on season 6.

As of November 2018, the TV program was launched and came live on March 1st, 2020. 

4. Nairobi Diaries, Kenya

A Kenyan reality TV series that first came on stage on December 14th, 2015, was created by Janet Mwaluda and developed by Nancy Wakio. 

The famous Kenyan TV series is an hour show that comes to air every Monday at 10 pm, and it has 15 episodes with three seasons. 

Nairobi Diaries displays Kenyans’ lifestyle, including their expensive lifestyle and how they battle how to keep to it.

5. Pili, Tanzania 

This Tanzania TV show is an eye-catching show to watch; it came to live on October 12th, 2018, and the Swahili language is the language of the drama. 

Leanne Welham directs the drama, the TV drama showcasing the difficult choices in rural Tanzania.

 Pili, a TV program, centers on sensitizing the audience about the presence of HIV. Channel 4 of Tanzanian TV station shows this exciting TV program. 

6. Grand Hotel, Egypt

Grand Hotel is an exciting TV series that Tamer Habib writes. Its first showcase was in Egypt during the Ramadan festival in 2016.

 It has three seasons and 24 episodes that shoot at Fontainebleau, Miami Beach. 

This TV series actively uses its local dialect, and the television program is for adults.

 Currently, this TV series is on Netflix, and the name of the show is now “the Secret of the Nile”; this is a plan to promote the Arabic language. 

7. Black Girl, Senegal

The black girl happens to be both the French and Senegalese TV show produced in 1966 by Ousmane Sembene.

 It is an hour TV program that is activated using the French language. The central message of the TV series was the effect of colonialism on the African continents and Europe.

 A Senegalese TV program, Black Girl, has won many awards, including the Prix Jean Vigo for the best TV series in 1966 and many other awards.

On a very Interesting note, this TV series has 30 episodes, and one can watch it on the popular channel of Senegal TV ITV.

Again, this TV program came alive at the beginning of Ramadan as an evening series.

8. Slipstream, Zambia 

Zambia has a fascinating TV series known as Slipstream, which came live in 2005. 

This TV series is also known as Zamana Karsi, and the TV series runs for 1hour 29 minutes and is programmed officially in the English language. 

Slipstream, Zambian TV movies were produced by Lagaan, and his inspiration comes from Naya Daur.

9. Scandal, South African

Scandal is a South African TV soap opera; it is a fascinating drama. The drama was formerly known as the voice; it is also a soap opera produced by ochre. 

The TV show is broadcast all over the African continent on thee: Africa, e.tv Botswana, and e.tv Ghana feed. The TV drama scandal was ready for watch on January 3rd, 2005; ETV South Africa’s official site. 

The language used in the drama is in English, and it has 289 episodes. The drama has won 12 awards and 29 nominations. 

The drama tells a story of socio-economic dividends set in a local township of Soweto, and the Johannesburg suburb, Newtown, where the NFH magazine is. The program also unleashes the personal need of those in the higher rank and exploits grassroots.

10. Naked and Afraid, Botswana

Naked and Afraid is a Botswana TV reality program that uses English as its official language in the drama.

 The TV series has a total number of 13 seasons and 120 episodes, and it is first premiered in August 2021 and has numbers of producers like David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Denise Contis, with many others. 

Initially, this TV series was debut on June 23rd, 2013, and it runs for almost an hour and is strictly for adults.

11. City Maid, Rwanda

City Maid is a drama by Nelly Wilson Misago, a renowned film producer in Rwanda. 

Nelly Wilson created the drama City Maid in 2014 as an urban series that aired every Thursday by 9:00 pm and Saturday by 12:30 pm. 

This show only takes place on Rwanda television, and the series is top-rated among the public.

 It does not have any subtitled in English or other languages as it stands now. 

City Maid is an exciting movie that leaves people in suspense about what will happen in the next episode. It is a 15 minutes episode series. 

The drama indicates a single mother interested in food and how she later signed up for reality cooking.

12. Dana, Ethiopia

Dana is an exciting drama TV series on the Ethiopian television station produced by the east African film production.

It airs on Sundays on the network services of ETV in the Ethiopia Television channel.

As of now, Dana has four seasons, and the director, as well as the writer, is Kidcan Tadesse and Mariam Gebru. 

Dana was first alive on April 7th, 2013, and it comprises comic action and plays to pass its message to the audience. 

13. Pearl of African, Uganda

 Pearl of Africa is a TV series in Uganda by Ander Vaustrom, Rough Studio, curated according to Johnny Von Wallstroem. 

The movie came live on April 30th, 2016; it uses English to interpret its message. 

Pearl of Africa captures the life of Cleopatra Kambugu, a Ugandan-born woman who wants to live as a Tran’s woman regardless of the hostility towards same-sex relations in the country. One can enjoy this TV program on CNN. 

14. The Rhythm City, South Africa

The Rhythm City is also an interesting Africa TV program; it takes place in South Africa by the quizzical pictures. 

It is a musical drama series Rhythm is released on July 9th, 2007.

 It has 3,660 episodes as of July 16th, 2021; there is a possible mean that it may increase by now.

 The musical drama Rhythm City has 13 seasons. It is an e.tv original production. 

It gave its first performance on the country’s free-to-air television channel e.tv it is a weekday program by 7.00 pm this TV series has lasted for 14 years now. 

The show portrays the battle which occurs within the honest power brokers of the music industry.

 The show uses the English language to pass its information. The drama also portrays the pains that one undergoes before entering into the music industry.

15. Jenifer’s Diary, Nigeria

This famous African TV program is a Nigerian comedy series from a famous Nollywood film actress Funke Akindele. 

TV series Jenifer’s diary came live in 2015, and it runs for 20 to 30 minutes on several network channels in Nigeria, including AIT, network channel, NTA, ROK TV, even on YouTube.

The TV series has 23 seasons and 292 episodes, and it shows diary on scene one TV on YouTube channel. 

Bottom Line 

They are exciting programs one can watch in their comfort zones within the African Nations.

These television programs educate, enlighten, motivate even inform people.

As an African citizen, try tunning any of these stations listed above with the African continent to get inspired.

Remember, no man is an island, and again people get more information based on what they see and hear.

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