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6 Best TV Brands Commonly Used in Africa

There are many good numbers of television brands in Africa, and of course, there will always be an outstanding few from the list. 

The one thousand and one brands are all competing for buyers’ attention with varying prices. 

If you are unsure of the possibility of the grass being greener elsewhere, the list below is a guide for you while selecting the best TV brand, and the list comprises:

1. Samsung

The best commonly used TV brand in Kenya is Samsung. It is so because the South Korean brand has been in the Kenyan market for years and its consistency in producing quality TVs with impressive brightness. 

One good thing about Samsung is that it comes in different inches with good picture quality, great gaming features, outstanding upscaling, expressive and original design, and well-rounded. 

It has been the biggest name in TVs and has a television for every budget. Samsung has been in existence since 1969 with black and white sets as its first product.

The Korean establisher Lee Byung-Chul named its company SAMSUNG meaning ‘three stars,’ with the company’s vision to become everlasting like stars in the sky.

2. Hisense

Hisense is the best and top-selling television brand in South Africa. The Chinese manufacturers of this brand have built a reputation since 1996. Hisense first started by producing radio in 1969 and later made its first TV model, CJD18, in 1978.

The Hisense has OLED TVs with superior contrast, sharp and realistic pictures.

The company’s top-selling in South Africa can be attributable to its factory opening in the Western Cape. Hisense, a multinational electronic manufacturer, was established in 1969.

3. LG

LG is the best and commonly used in the Nigerian electronic industry. The TV lovers in Nigeria will always go for LIFE IS GOOD. 

LG is a company that considers its users, and this is so because the LG TV comes in motley types and grades. It also had a television that features USB ports, smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs, etc. 

LG provides the buyer with fantastic picture quality, sound quality, inbuilt camera [exclusive], durable display panel, reliable products, favorable warranty term, lower after-sales service cost, etc. 

Nigeria has extended its love for LG to its other products like home theaters, washing machines, solar modules, smartphones, etc. 

One unique thing about LG is their consistent release of TVs that are inexpensive every year. LG was established in 1958 as Goldstar before products like radio, TV, fan, air-conditioning, etc., started rolling in. The firm is widely known for its expensive OLED display technology, perfect darks, and an infinite contrast ratio.

4. TCL

TCL is a television brand manufactured by the Chinese, and it has been in the global market for years. It’s a low-cost television company with picture quality and different screen sizes like 55, 65, 75 inches, 4k resolution, QLED Panel type, and an HDR10. 

Its advantage is that it has Mini LED backlighting and Quantum dot color, while its demerits are poor motion handling and mediocre peak brightness. TCL proffers Roku TVs that provide an innovative TV interface for simple access to top streaming platforms. 

Recently, TCL has been including the next-gen mini LEDs in its sets for better backlighting. It also has perfect color accuracy that users love, with features like everyday TV, gaming, and streaming.

5. Sony

Sony, a Japanese firm, is one of the big names in African tech entertainment and celebrated for its ultra-premium Bravia TV. Sony has not less than 50 inches and a high sound/picture quality TV apart from curved screens. 

Sony TVs have color accuracy, incredible brightness, smooth motion handling, and upscaling software that improves the quality of the video. 

It has different television styles, but their 4k and OLED TVs are second to none. They have exclusive design and features like a 4k UHD compatible screen, supports for voice recognition, three USB ports, 20 W Speakers and 3840 Resolution, etc.  

6. Panasonic

Panasonic is a television brand that has been in the market dating back to the days of CRT models.

Though Panasonic is not the most prominent, it is still the highest evaluated TV brand in Africa.

Panasonic, the Japanese brand, is one of the oldest electronic companies and has been signed regarding the quality of sets they manufacture.

Panasonic has a top spot in Africa because of its accurate color mapping, HDR format support, Dolby vision, cinematic sound, etc. Since the inception of Panasonic, it has had an appealing lineup for its consumers.

What are the top 10 TV brands in the world?

We cannon mention the top ten brands globally without including Samsung, Philips, Vizio, and Hisense. 

Furthermore, the fantastic feature of LG, Panasonic, Sony, and TCL gained them a spot in the top 10 television brands worldwide. Lastly, Toshiba and Sceptre are also on the rating list of the world’s best TV brands.

What are the top five TVs?

The top five TVs are Samsung QN90A, TCL, and Vizio. The most top five TV brand has something unique that is different from another. The LG and Sony TV brands have also contributed to a life made easy.

What are the best TV brands in South Africa?

The top-selling TV brands in South Africa are Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. TCL, Hisense, Sinotec are also part of the South African choice of television band.


Having television is now part of our daily lives and getting a new and better one is usually not an easy task. The list of the most commonly used television brands above will help make better decisions from the endless option.

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