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12 Most Important Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country rated for its highest population in Africa, has several unexploited travel destinations suitable for relaxation, tourism, adventure, and vacations.

These destinations will awe the visitors with their splendid architectural designs, historical connotation, and puzzling natural ambiance.

Apart from the experiences and interactions with a new environment, these relaxation destinations will form a long-lasting memory and bond families and the entire visitors.

We present to you the 12 most crucial relaxation destinations in Nigeria in no particular sequence:

1. Yankari Game Reserve

One of Nigeria’s most essential relaxation destinations is the Yankari Game Reserve, situated in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

This beautiful destination is famous for its natural spring water (Wikki spring water) that is usually warm, and its wildlife.

There, you will find lions and elephants of different sizes and can swim in the warm spring water.

Similarly, you will find other wildlife species such as baboons and hippopotamus, all lively and playful in their natural inhabitants.

You can also experience the Marshall Cave system and come along with your gears for water games as well as varieties of indoor and outdoor games.

It would help if you were not stranded when you arrive because a guide, accommodation, and restaurants are all to your taste.

2. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort, also called Obudu Cattle Ranch, is a relaxation destination in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Over the years, Obudu Cattle Ranch has been a top tourist attraction for Nigerians and people from outside the country.

Obudu Mountain Resort features a lot of fascinating attractions such as an international mountain race, canopy walkway, cable cars, the Obudu Plateau, horseback riding, Water Park, and lots more.

This destination has a lot of other facilities for your relaxation, including a gym and fitness facilities, an in-house restaurant, as well as a luxury spa, among others.

Even though Obudu Mountain Resort is always open for your relaxation, you will enjoy the views more during October through February.

3. Tinapa Resort

Tinapa resort is a leisure and business resort in Calabar, Cross River State, with facilities suitable for both children and adult relaxation.

It has a cinema spot showing different genres of movies, a theater, casino, pubs, children’s arcade, nightclub, bar, restaurant, and lots of other fascinating facilities for relaxation.

Therefore, whether you are tourism planning a weekend getaway, honeymoon, family vacation, or relaxation, Tinapa Resort can offer great fun.

4. Lekki Conservation Centre

Wildlife lovers will find the Lekki Conservation Centre fascinating. Located in Lagos State, this relaxation center has species of wildlife for you to explore.

Lekki Conservation Centre has a canopy walkway that seems to be the longest in Africa. On a walk at the canopy walkway, you will be able to view many wild animals, monkeys, treehouses, crocodiles, and birds.

Made available also is a combination of board games that visitors can enjoy while sitting on mats such as chess, whot, checkers, and lots more.

5. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is at Maitama district of Abuja FCT. Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the park on the 3rd of December, 2003.

Millennium Park is a relaxation destination for people of all ages. It has well-maintained greenery where you can go for your hangouts, picnics, and family relaxations.

Count this as a good spot for bird watching and has a garden and a greenhouse hosting colorful butterflies and species of birds.

6. Ikogosi Warm Springs

Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction center in Ekiti State famous for warm and cold springs that meet together and hold their temperatures.

This beautiful relaxation destination is adventure-filled and of a rich history of being a source of drinking and cooking water for the locals for so many years.

Of course, they are pools where you can swim, and there are also bars, restaurants, and lodging accommodation facilities for people desiring to spend the night.

7. Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club is another relaxation destination in Delta State suitable for couples, the family gets together, picnics, and other events.

The Abraka Turf and Country Club is a luxurious resort on a large expanse of green land suitable for bird watching, horse racing, garden view, and walkway.

This destination has a lot of facilities for optimum relaxation, such as a swimming pool, polo field, tennis court, golf course, and facilities for horseback riding and polo sports.

Indeed, the land of Abraka Turf and Country Club is greener, and you can take in a deep fresh breath on getting to this destination.

8. Agodi Garden

Agodi Garden, also called Agodi Botanical Garden, is located in Oyo state, offering top-notch relaxation in the natural green land and gardens suitable for outings, get together, and tourism.

This serene and peaceful environment is busy during weekends and festive seasons by individuals, families, and groups who enjoy cozy relaxation.

You can enjoy varieties of water games and swimming in their water parks, and view animals while enjoying the view and freshness of their greenery.

9. Atican Beach

Atican Beach is a private beach in Okun Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria, located in the serene environment of Abraham Adesanya Estate.

Enjoy the white sand from the beach and the seaside that glows all time and scenery of combined luxury and solitude.

During the night, visitors can take pleasure in the nightlife listening to music, playing snooker games while enjoying African and foreign dishes as well as different drinks from their bar.

10. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls, located in Osun State, is a relaxation destination that all nature lovers will like to visit over and over again.

The waterfall features a beautiful natural environment, spiced up by sounds of the whispering waterfall that cools down the body and gives a breath of clean air.

At Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls, seven flows join together to pour on a cliff that forms the major waterfall.

11. Isaac Boro Garden Park

Isaac Boro Garden Park is a park situated in Port Harcourt Rivers State. The park is excellent for a wide range of outdoor recreations and relaxation.

It is most suitable for tourists who enjoy softball and baseball. The park also hosts kinds of entertainment, live events, and shows.

The park is in memory of Isaac Boro, who died during the Nigerian civil war. The tomb of the hero lays there in the garden for tourist view.

12. Dream World Africana

Dream World Africana is an amusement park with many facilities for fun activities suitable for children and adults of all ages located in Lekki Lagos State.

This tourist attraction is a one-stop destination for various games such as bumper cars, pirate ships, and family coasters, among others.

Dream World Africana has a beautifully decorated architectural design where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy nature alone and with family and friends.

This relaxation center hosts many fun sporting training for children, including lawn tennis, football training, swimming, and more.

Also, the leisure and amusement park is a venue for hosting birthday parties, carnivals, pool parties, graduation parties, and other seasonal events.

Indeed, apart from the park’s buzzing amusement and leisure activities, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature in the garden, among other spots.

Bottom Line

With the list of most crucial relaxation destinations in Nigeria made available for you here, you would not have to stress looking for a place for that fun relaxation next time.

These destinations are not just fun but also affordable, which means that you don’t have to break your bank visiting Dubai or Paris because all the fun you desire is here in the country.

You can always come along with loved ones to make a memory. Every once in a while, in a place with much historical significance and for the fun of it.

Thankfully, Mother Nature blessed this country in the sense that most states have a spot where you can relax and have fun.

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